Book Tour: Drive by Shouting by Mark Chase

Hey Everyone. 

Today I bring you the review for the novel Drive By Shouting by Mark Chase.


Drive By Shouting was a pretty easy book to read. Each chapter flowed nicely into the next and while I didn’t feel that pull with this book as I have with others I still enjoyed it.

It is by far different from what I would usually pick up but I am grateful I got the chance to read this and review it.

I liked how the main character was flawed in many ways, it made a refreshing difference to how the main character in a story is represented.

I can’t say I felt particularly sorry for any of the characters as they all seemed to have created in part their own downfall and issues.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance but not in the starry eyed traditional sense.

Was a great read overall.

Thanks for reading.

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