What!? There Have Been No Posts!?

Hey Everyone,

As the title suggests, lately there have not been any posts from me. We moved house on the 1st December and the week prior to that I was decorating the new house and the week after I was very unwell and had hospital appointments.

I have found that managing my Crohns and moving quite a bit difficult, the stress of it meant as soon as we moved I was really unwell and I havent felt that bad since before my operation. I honestly thought I was heading back into a major flare, luckily though it seems it was just a mini one and I needed to rest.

I had news from my Urologist last week that while there are two options to having a permanant fix for my kidney both are such high risk to life with low success rates that I have been advised against them. I am waiting for a MAG3 scan to confirm the damage to my right kidney before moving forwrd. It might mean the damage is as severe as with my left kidney and I will have to have stents fitted in both. For the forseeable future though my left kidney will have to be re-stented every 4 months, this means more surgeries which I am not thrilled about to say the least.

At the moment I am just taking things one day at a time and seeing how I go. I have no expectations when it comes to my health as each day can vary so much.

I am currently trying to work my way through blog posts that I have missed and feel terrible for committing to them and then not been able to uphold my end. I thought that at least if I can get the reviews out there even f they are late, it’s better than nothing.

I hope you are all well and getting into the festivities that come with this time of year. I am so happy I have my tree up, it feels like Christmas is coming now.

Take Care,

Emma-Louise x


Life Update!

Wow! August already, who can believe it. This year is flying by isn’t it.

July has been the oddest month for me and my little life.

So if you’ve read my last 6 Months update you will know I got a part time job, a job which I lost yesterday due to Childcare conflicts. I’m a bit gutted about the money but glad to have Saturdays with the family back.

I am still volunteering at Gisborough Priory and love it.

Now for the exciting parts. I launched a new business selling a book subscription box. This isn’t just a box you get in the post, it’s also membership into a bookclub. 

We have discussions about books, competitions, Subscriber Houses, giveaways and so much more. Every box is personalised too.

I’ve set up a Goodreads, Instagram and Facebook group for it and so far it’s doing brilliantly. I sold all the boxes in the first few days.

Secondly I was contacted by Future House Publishing who have asked me to join there Alpha Reader Reviewer team. Which I accepted! Who doesn’t want to recieve ARC and books to review free! I love love love doing this.

Thirdly I was contacted by Rebecca From Dodopad who told me Steve Morton from Philofaxy had recommended me as an influential blogger in the plannersphere and asked if I would like to receive the new Dodopad Block Paper pads to review.

I jumped at the chance. I’ve always liked Dodopad and I’m excited to see how there notepaper compares to others.

I received the items on Friday and conducted experiments yesterday so that review post will be up later this week.

So my main focuses going forward are my blog, business and reviewing. I aim to improve my writing and posts and hopefully can make that all take off so I can earn a little money from it while trying to figure out working and childcare.

Now I have my Saturdays back I can finally get around to finishing the unpacking and sorting the bedroom out, rearranging the girls bedroom ready for the toddler bed, set my desk up for work and sort out a reading corner.

I’m really happy going forward, I feel full of new possibilities. My focus is where I feel it needs to be.

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x