Book Review: Future Worlds Anthology by Various Authors 

*Disclaimer : I received this book free of charge from Future House Publishing. This does not effect my review, my opinions are based purely on my experience reading this novel*

TitleFuture Worlds: A Science Fiction Anthology

Author: Cameron Dayton, Michael Darling, Jared Garrett, Mark R Healy, Josi Russell, D.W. Vogel

Publisher: Future House Publishing 

Format: Kindle

Pages: 164

Rating: 5/5

The Blerb

Within the Future Worlds Sci-fi Anthology you will find stories spun from the webs of current Future House bestselling books. Whether you are a fan of space dinosaurs, population annihilating bugs, interstellar magicians, man vs. distant planet scenarios, or colonization troubles, this anthology will have something galactic for you. Come get to know the Future House Publishing sci-fi authors. 
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I was sent an ARC of the Future Worlds book by the Publishers. I have to admit it took me a while to pick it up as I had put it off a little as Sci-Fi isn’t really something I’ve read before and wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it, plus it felt like it took forever to read my previous book.

I was really surprised. The book comprises of small stories which I was genuinely disappointed when they finished. My favourite of the stories had to be One Man Falls by Mark. R Healy and Horizon Alpha: High Wire by D.W Vogel.

I really enjoyed every single one but those two seemed to stand out more.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone, even those who wouldn’t usually read this genre. 

The only downside to it was that the stories needes to be longer 🙂 I want to read more about all of these characters.

Yet again Future House Publishing and it’s authors have knocked it out of the park.

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Picks Of The Month August

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I’m super happy to be back with another Picks Of The post. This is my first one since i switched to monthly and boy have I got a load of great posts to share with you.

I have decided to split it into categories to help you look at what posts I have picked.


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Picks Of The Week #13

Apologies for last week, I was terribly ill and didn’t get the chance to post.

Welcome to another edition of Picks Of  The Week. 

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YouTube pick of the week. 


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Picks Of The Week #11

​Welcome to another edition of Picks Of  The Week. 

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