Book Promo: The Truth About Love and Dogs by Lily Bartlett

Today I have a promo post author Lily Bartlett. Thank you Lily for joining us today.

How often do you pick up a book because of the cover? I do it all the time. It’s what makes me take the time to look at the description, read the first few paragraphs, and, if I like all that I see, decide to buy it.

So, is it any wonder that covers cause us authors so much angst? They might even make us more nervous than writing the book itself. That’s because writing is an evolutionary process. It takes months to do, plus there are many rounds of editing. But the cover is the instant, one-and-only first impression your book will make. It’s like getting ready for a first date with someone that you really really want to impress! You’ve only got one chance.

Every single author I know holds her breath when that email comes through from the publisher saying “Here’s the cover art and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.”

So here it is: my one chance. These are the two covers we’ve chosen to make a first impression for The Truth About Love and Dogs. What do you think? They’re very different from one another, aren’t they? That’s because tastes in romcom covers in the UK are so different from preferences in the US.

For the US cover – the basket of pups – we wanted something fun and eye-catching that conveys the book’s tone rather than the story exactly. Publishers go for the look and feel more than an image that literally tells you what the story is about (that’s the job of the title and the description). There are pugs in the book, by the way!

The UK cover might have a very different look, but its tone is the same. There, we wanted to project a cover the reader can fall into, with intriguing groupings of people that provoke curiosity.

I always ask my Facebook friends and newsletter followers for their feedback about my proposed covers, and the US readers mostly go for a photographic cover while UK readers love the illustrated ones. Does that hold true for you? Which do you like better?

Whichever cover grabs you most, I hope you’ll love the story inside!

Happy reading!

Lilly xo

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Author Bio:

Michele writes books packed with heart and humour, best friends and girl power. Call them beach books, summer reads, romantic comedy or chick lit… readers and reviewers call them “feel good”, “thought-provoking” and “laugh out loud”. She is both a Sunday Times and a USA Today bestselling author, raised in the US and living in London with her husband. She is very fond of naps, ice cream and Richard Curtis films.

Michele also writes cosy chick lit under the pen-name Lilly Bartlett. Lilly’s books are full of warmth, romance, quirky characters and guaranteed happily-ever-afters.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x


Book Blog Tour:My Last Lie by Ella Drummond (AD)

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Hey everyone, today I am bringing you a review for the book My Last Lie by Ella Drummond. I would like to thank Sarah Hardy from Books On The Bright Side, Hera Books and Ella for providing me with a free copy for review purposes.


New beginnings. Old secrets.
Theo and Pilar. The perfect couple.

Successful, beautiful and very much in love.
Until a year ago – and the tragedy that nearly tore them apart.
When their baby died, a part of them died with him.
Now they’re trying to rebuild themselves, moving to a stunning house in rural Cornwall.
But someone knows all their secrets – and will stop at nothing to disturb their fragile peace.

Theo and Pilar are about to learn that you can try to hide – but you can never outrun your past.

A unputdownable, gripping psychological thriller that will hook you until the final shocking twist. Fans of The Girl on the Train, Behind Closed Doors and The Wife Between Us will be captivated.



This was a bit of a slow build story for me and it was because I was eager to see what happened. I really enjoyed My Last Lie and felt for the main character Pilar.

The pacing of the story and how it unfolded was perfect, I didn’t find that things were rushed or dragged out and I love Ella’s writing style. Once I hit about 25% into the story I was struggling to put it down.

I would have loved to see more of the relationship between Pilar and and her mother and would like to see a Novella or another book which it features more as there is clearly some tense backstory there, especially on her mother’s side.

This was a great mystery thriller and I would highly recommend it to others. A solid 4 stars from me.

Author Bio

Ella Drummond recently signed a two-book deal with Hera Books. Her first psychological thriller, My Last Lie will be published in February 2019 and is available for pre-order now.

She lives with her husband on the island of Jersey and you can follow her on Twitter @drummondella1 and Facebook:


Purchase Link: My Last Lie

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

Book Tour: Double Jeopardy by M.A Comley

Book Review(12).png

Today I have for you a Book Blog Tour hosted from Bloodhound Books.


Successful entrepreneur, Ross Spalding, has everything to live for; a thriving business, a stunning new home, and a high society wedding to his beautiful fiancée to look forward to in the coming months. That is, until his life comes to an abrupt, gruesome end.

DI Hero Nelson and his team need to dig deep to find the reasons behind someone wanting Ross Spalding dead. As more people connected to Ross also die, some in suspicious circumstances, the suspect list grows beyond all expectations, until a major clue presents itself and spins the investigation off in a totally new direction.

However, Hero’s personal life is also dealt a major blow when his parents are faced with a life or death situation. He is forced to put his personal problems aside when the murderers are revealed and Hero is faced with a tight deadline in which to apprehend them.


Double Jeopardy is the 4th in the Hero series. However, you really don’t need to read anything prior to this. I wasn’t even aware that it was part of a series as nothing indicated to it.

I enjoyed reading this book, there was no hidden twists as such and the story was pretty straight forward but it worked really well. The story was interesting as were the characters. Hero comes across as a likeable guy who is under the pressures of working as a Detective and having a home life with a large family. I liked the inclusion of Hero’s personal life but especially how it didn’t overshadow the main part of the story as can often happen.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend it for anyone who enjoys an action packed crime thriller.

You can purchase a copy from Amazon UK

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x


Book Tour: The Dead Of Winter by Billy McLaughlin


Hey Everyone,

Today I have another blog tour review for you. The novel is The Dead of Night by Billy Mclaughlin.


One missing baby! One runaway teenager! Coincidence?

Detective Kevin Wallace doesn’t think so. And neither do the residents of Golf Road, who are all too quick to point the finger at a man with severe learning disabilities. As Wallace and a colleague, who has already experienced the ugly nature of this particular community, get closer to the truth they may not like what is hidden behind closed doors.


I quite enjoyed this book. It was a bit of a page turner so I didn’t have any issues getting through it. Each chapter takes on the view from a different character but it flows so easily that it is not confusing in any way.

I enjoyed the plot line and found it interesting. Some of the characters are likable, others not so much but that’s exactly the way it should be with the given storyline.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a quick paced thriller.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


My Week

This week I have gone with the magical Harry Potter spread.

The kit stickers and Halloween countdown stickers are from UglyBugDoes and the cute blogging stickers are from ThePlumpPlanner

Love how this looks:) 

I’ve got quite a busy week ahead. I start my major declutter to prepare for Christmas, one of the downsides to moving to a small house means it constantly looks cluttered.

I also have a book signing event I’m attending which I am covering to report on for my blog, I will be meeting the author and hopefully having a brief interview. I’m really excited about this! It’s my first of 4 over the month.

I also have a lot of blog draft prep for a new series I have coming out and college work to catch up (thank god it’s half term next week).

How is your week ahead looking? 

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x


Book Review: After You

Title: After You
Author: Jojo Moyes 

Publication Date: 30th June 2016

Page Count: 416

Publisher: Penguin

Rating: 4/5

Plot Overview:

This novel follows on from Me Before You and highlights the struggle that Louisa has trying to find a place in the world without Will.

It feels like the more she feels she is letting him down and not honouring her promise to him the more she in turn lets him down.

Louisa is reckless with her life and while not intentionally trying to kill herself she dances on the brink. Doing things which are dangerous without thinking of the consequences.  This is until she falls from her building and could easily have died.

The accident forces Louisa to face some of her problems head on when she has to return home to recover from the accident.

When she returns back to her own flat it is only done by promising her father she would attend grief counselling.

Louisa attends and at first doesn’t open up, she feels like a fraud, like she doesn’t belong. Over time however the group she meets actually turn out to be great friends.

Louisa’s life however takes the most poignant turn when a girl turns up at her door only 16 yrs old, a girl that as it turns out is Wills daughter. A daughter he knew nothing about.

Lily, Wills daughter is actually very much off the rails. Causing trouble, drinking, stealing, smoking and has little respect for anyone. Her mother is a selfish woman who doesn’t seem to give two hoots about Lily, and as you find out over the course of the book everyone who has ever meant something to her has turned her away for other family or commitments. This is why Lily is the way she is, she is defensive and while she is crying out for affection she sabotages herself often.

Eventually after Louisa’s jewellery goes missing she kicks Lily out, telling her to go back to her mothers and believes she has. After a few days, Louisa goes to visit Lily to make up after discovering a tranquil garden Lily had set up. However upon arrival at Lilys home her mother tells her Lily hasn’t been there and assumed she was still with Louisa. The mother doesn’t care that Lily is missing because she has disappeared before however Louisa feels something is wrong and searches with Sam (the ambulance man who saved her) to find Lily.

Eventually they find Lily in a hospital not badly hurt. Lily then tells Louisa what’s been happening.

Initially Lilly had been getting blackmailed by a boy she slept with as he had a picture of them together. After she’d had enoug she told a collegue of her step dads who manage to stop the boy balckmailing her only to start blackmailing her himself.

Louisa and Sam hatch a plan to stop the blackmailer which works successfully. After this Lily has the confidence to start building a relationship with her grandmother and eventually goes to live with her at weekends and goes back to boarding school during the week.

Louisa’s love life takes a dramatic turn when Sam tries to talk to her about being in a relationship,  but Louisa is afraid of getting hurt after Will and doesn’t open up which causes Sam to call time their time todays. Louisa tries to talk to Sam and ends up riding in the ambulance with him which ends up in a bad situation and Sam gets shot almost dying.

Louisa tells Sam then that she doesn’t want to loose him, she also receives a job offer in New York that she turnes down a few months previous.

After talking to Sam she takes the job and they agree to make it work long distance.

The story ends with Louisa boarding the plane after mouthing to Sam she loves him.


The soppy woman in me really enjoyed this book and I felt I could relate a lot to Louisa and Lily. Both of them have had a difficult time and although try to do their best ultimately they are about self preservation.

I really likes the introduction of the new characters with Sam and Lily particularly and the change to the older character such as Mrs Traynor.

It showed the impact that losing Will had on everyone’s,  something I don’t think he really considered in the first book.

I finished the book hoping for another in the series. I want to read about Louisa’s life in New York and her relationship with Sam.

Overall it was a great read even if it did lack the same impact of the first book:)

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x 

Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love

I had eagerly awaited Eat,Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I was hoping it would be as inspirational as when I read Wild by Cheryl Strayed however I was quite disappointed this wasn’t the case.

So when I started reading it was soon apparent that the book had religious overtones, now I am not a religious person but have no problem with reading books with a subtle religious overtone.
I found I grew quite bored not that far into it. Overall the stories of the people she met and things she did on her travels were good, interesting to read but all the bits between I found very dull.

It felt like the book had to much filler, completely unnecessary. Take for example the brief history and explanation of Buddhism,  it wasn’t needed.

I also found that the book bordered on preachy in many parts. For me almost the entire Chapter on India could have been reduced massively. I probably found this the most boring part. The only redeeming feature was the introduction of Richard from Texas.

I can see how many love this book but I honestly struggled to find a groove with it, it took me so long to get through as I kept putting it off and really didn’t want to give up on it.

There was a couple of gems in there quote wise that did resonate with me and I will definitely be taking them away with me.

“Instead, try admitting to the existence of negative thoughts and feelings and understand where they come from and why they are there. Then with great forgiveness and fortitude -dismiss them.”

When referring to negative thoughts..

“You may not come here anymore with your hard and abusive thoughts,  your plague ships of thoughts, your slave ships of thoughts,  your warships of thoughts – all will be turned away. Likewise, any thoughts that are filled with any angry or starving exiles, with malcontents, phampleteers, mutineers and violebt assassins, desperate prostitues, pimps, seditious stowaways – you may not come here anymore either.”

Other than that I just found the book lacking, disappointing and not interesting.

I would still recommend people read it as they may get something from it that I never and reading it is most definitely an experience. I would rate the book 2/5 overall.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x 

TSO: Bookclub Box Launch

Hello and Welcome!

I have some really exciting news to share with you all today.

Monday 1st August sees the launch of my new business. 

A Bookclub monthly box will be available to pre-order.

There will be 10 boxes to start with and available only within the UK to start with.

Each box will come with a book and a minimum of 3 accessories that follow the same theme.

The boxes will be available on Etsy and are priced at £15 each excluding postage. There is also an add-on option for customers to purchase signed for delivery. 

Boxes will be shipped between the 27th of the current month and the 1St of the following month, this is to give flexibility with any weekend shipping dates.

I have set up an Instagram account: tsg_bookclub_box and a Facebook group where I will post sneak peeks, shop info and have a monthly book discussion on the featured box book.

I have two wonderful reps to work with who will post updates and reviews on the boxes.

Kelly Vizma, owner of A Beautiful Plan

Here are Kelly’s social media details.

Blog: A Beautiful Plan

IG:  Kelly Vizma Instagram

YouTube : Kelly Vizma YouTube 

Chloe Murray

YouTube Chloe Murray YouTube 

IG: Chloe Murray Instagram

Blog: Chloe’s Thoughts

I am really excited to start this venture! 

Stay tuned for more information. 

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x

My Book Journal 

I love reading. I have been an avid reader since I was very young and I imagine that I will continue to be as I get older.

I never usually track my books, take notes or review them on paper (I’ve done a few reviews on this blog).

Since getting the Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Notebook I decided to create a book journal insert so I could make notes on the books I am reading, review them, write about them and then eventually I will convert them into blog posts.

I started my book journal with a little book shelf picture I drew and listed each book I wanted to read before moving on to others. 

While I haven’t been using it long I do really enjoy making notes in it and writing down my thoughts on the book.

I’d love to hear from you if you keep a book journal and are an avid reader. Do you have any tips of what to record in the journal I may not have thought of?

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x