Planner Girls Collective: Inspirational Quotes

Hey Everyone,

This week we are all looking at the quotes which give us inspiration and motivation. Whether they come from book, film, song or elsewhere.

I am a huge fan of quotes. I have them jotted about all over the place, I even have a tattoo quote down my arm.

My favourite quote is

“Life is a moment, there is no hereafter. So make it burn always with the hardest flame” ~ Oscar Wilde

This quote reminds me that no matter what we must live life to the fullest.
Other quotes which I find inspiring are:

I’d love to know your favourite quotes.

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The Stationery Geekette x


My Quote Insert

Quotes often carry with them some personal connection, something that resonates with you on a deeper level.

I have always scribbled quotes down in my planners and sometimes I end up losing them or they are not all kept collectively together. 

I decided the best way to record my favourite quotes would be to have an insert in my Traveler’s Notebook dedicated purely to them.

I have used washi and watercolours to make the page pop a little more but I’m really happy with how it is going so far. Now all I need to do is refer to this when I want to read something inspiring.

Do you have any favourite quotes?
Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 

Kikki-K Wellness Planner Review

I received the Wellness Planner as a birthday gift from my partner. Initially I wanted it purely for the binder, I loved the grey outside and the soft mint inside. I wanted this binder for my blog planner (which it currently is).


What I didn’t expect was to absolutely love the Wellness inserts and dividers, and I did. They are so nice. Not only are they great quality but they are incredibly detailed. The dividers are simple white with a gold quote written on them. Simple, stylish and chic, just perfect. I am not currently using them but I have got plans to, I am just waiting until everything has settled after the house move so that I can give them the full attention they deserve.

The little notepad on the inside cover is really nice, perfect for jotting down your weekly habits to track.


The first section is the Calender. This is just like the other calender sections in Kikki-K models, with the exception that the pages are various colours and have little quotes and motivational titbits on them.


The second section is My Day. In here we have inserts for your day. They allow you to note things such as weekly goals, reward, things to do, top 3 priorities, sleep, water intake, gratitude etc. These are really nice and I cannot wait to start using them. Also on the back of the first page is a lovely little quote, these appear in every section (quote varies).


The third section is Weekly Reflection. This is a double page insert where you break down the week. There are multiple sections such as how are you feeling?, what went well, what you’ve learnt, how you are tracking with your goals, habits you have started to change and other sections.


The fourth section is Mind. The section opens with a tips to get you started page which is then followed by a time for me section. These inserts list questions to ask yourself such as ‘what do you love to do just for you?’.  This is followed by a mindfulness insert where you can check in with your senses. After that is daily mindful moments and a cute little paper meditation page which teaches you how to make origami hearts. As well as these there is a section to write down what you are grateful for, mood tracker, reverse bucket list and goal setting.

The fifth section is all about Nutrition. This also starts with a tips to get you started page. It is then followed by your nutrition goals, meal planner, daily food log and shopping list sections. These will come in really handy as I am trying to loose weight so tracking my food consumption is important.

The sixth and final section is Exercise. Again it starts with a tips to get you started section which is followed by a section for your fitness goals and then an exercise log to note your weekly and daily exercise. I need to up my game with exercise so this will definitely keep me motivated to do so.

All in all the Wellness Planner is amazing. The little touches are really thoughtful especially the little origami hearts.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who is planning on making some changes to their life or even for tracking their current activities. It is clearly designed to be more than just a fitness planner, it is to take care of your mind, body and soul.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x