Family Planning

No matter the size or age of your family, there is often a lot to remember when it comes to family life. Things such as bill dates and amounts, birthdays, anniversaries, school holidays, events etc. I have always had issues on this front as I hadn't wanted to use a standard planner to map out … Continue reading Family Planning


Small Business Spotlight: TheGingerCatCo.

Hey, Today in the Small Business Spotlight we have the lovely Shona owner of TheGingerCatCo. 1) Tell us a little about you, who is the person behind the shop? Hi! I'm Shona! I'm 24 and live in Nottinghamshire with the OH, our two girls aged 4 & 5 and three cats! 😸 2) What does … Continue reading Small Business Spotlight: TheGingerCatCo.

My Week 32

I've been totally useless at doing 'Plan With Me' posts so I thought I would try something a bit different and go with a 'My Week' posts. I'm starting with next week, Monday 8th August. I'm trying something a little bit different this month, the reasons why will be explained in a post later this … Continue reading My Week 32