2019 Planner Set-Up


It’s a new year and usually with that a whole new set of planners. This year though I am only introducing one new planner and continuing to use a planner I used for the last 4 months of 2018.

Let’s star with my good old faithful. My EDC/Handbag planner is a Hobonichi Weeks style planner, which I loving refer to as the faux-weeks. I got this from Aliexpress for around ÂŁ6 after hearing about how nice they were from one of my YWOC PR teamies ( who sent me 4 more lol). I fell in love and haven’t looked back. I love the space in it, it is light, versatile and perfect for popping in my handbag. It is great pop having all my appointments and such in. I do decorate it when I can be bothered but I am not fussed if it stays plain as it is purely a functional planner.


My other planner which is more comprehensive and which I am using for everything (social media, house, blog, book reviews and colletions) is a Scribbles That Matter Bullet Planner. I had been eyeing this up then Sam (another YWOC PR Teamie) showed me hers when we attending a blogging event together in December and my partner bought it for me for christmas. This planner is in the form of a bullet journal and has the inside set up for you, this is perfect for me as not only did I love the style but I love not having to worry about drawing it out myself each week. This will be the one coming to hospital with me for my surgery appointments so I didn’t want the pressure of decorating.

I added my own collections to some of the blank pages and I have to say I am loving it so far. The paper quality is aaaammmaazzzinnnggg.



I picked planners this year based on 2 reasons;

  1. Maximum Functionality
  2. Something that is easy to carry around, take to hospital and most importantly not to have to decorate each week if I get sick again.


What are you using this year? I would love to know.

Thanks for reading

Emma-Louise x


Planner Girls Collective: Planner Meets – Pamper, Plan and Create 2018

Hey Everyone and welcome to another Planner Girls Collective post.

This week we have all picked our own topic and today I will be talking about planner meet-up’s, particularly Pamper, Plan and Create (PPC) which I was lucky enough to go to earlier this month.

PPC is organised by three beautiful ladies. Michelle Mills of Ugly Bug Plans, Leanne Snowball of The Geeky Planner and Kelly Bendelow of HazyDaysUK. The first PPC was last year (2017) and was in Newcastle. Unfortunely I couldn’t make that.

PPC was originally set up to provide a relaxing environment for people to get together and share a love for all things stationery. Set to be in the North of England to give those who couldn’t attend southern meet-up’s a chance to partake.

I got really lucky this year and my beautiful friend Debbie purchased a day ticket for me. The tickets are sold either as a day ticket or a weekend ticket which includes an overnight stay and meals.

I was really looking forward to going. I was 50% nervous and 50% excited. I was worried I wouldn’t make it due to either my illness or the horrendous snow that showed up the week of the event. However, I managed to make it and last the day.

I had an amazing time. I got to meet some amazing people and what’s more, I didn’t feel out of place for my hobby. I felt at home.

The day was so relaxed and easy going. Kelly held a travelling workshop on Brush Lettering which I loved and has helped a lot. There were stalls from shop owners which I got to meet and browse.

We also got the most fantastic goodie bags which were little craft totes. They were full of freebies and discount codes. We even got Erin Condren items and a gift certificate for a full price planner from Personal-Planner.

The best thing though…the table I was sat with. Table 3 was fantastic, what an amazing bunch of ladies I got lucky sitting with.

Honestly if anyone ever has doubts about attending a meet, don’t, you will really enjoy it. I’m going to save to attend PPC again next year as I really loved the atmosphere the girls worked so hard on achieving. All in all it was a massive success in my eyes.

Now here are some pictures:)

Please visit the other ladies taking part this week on the links below:)

Kerry-May discusses her Childhood Travel Journal over on her blog.

Alyson discusses her Planner Basics over on her blog

Michelle discusses her Top Bullet Journal supplies over on her blog.

Emma-Louise x

Planner Girls Collective: Best of February

Hey:) it has been a while since I’ve taken part in the Planner Girls Collective but today I’m back with my Best of February. I’ll be linking you two posts from each of the girls taking part and from myself. These are posts which we consider to be our favourites from our own blogs this month.

Let’s start with my own.

My favourite posts this month are;

Lucy Halls Social Media Planner this was a guest post written by the lovely Jennifer Gilmour.

Next I have My Everyday Planner Set-up and Overview which was a fun post to write and has loads of pretty pictures.

Now we are going to go over to Kerry-May at http://www.Kerrymaymakes.com.

The first post which was picked was Grey Scale Animal Watercolour. The giraffe is just so gorgeous.

The next post is a fantastic one Self Care and Mood Tracking Ideas in Your Bullet Journal. There are some really good ideas on this post.

Next we have Kelly from http://www.thescrapbookgirl.com.

The first post selected here is Power Words this is a great post for a little self empowerment.

The second post is Crafting With Mrs Brim which is an art journal style post and extremely inspiring.

Don’t forget to pop over to the other girls and pay their amazing blogs a visit.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

Small Business Spotlight: Little Dragon Jewellery


Hey Everyone.

Well I have a bit of a change to my schedule. Every Tuesday I will now be posting what is referred to as Small Business Spotlight. In this post I will feature Etsy shops and other small businesses. It will highlight what they sell and introduce you to the face behind the wonderful stores.

This week we have the beautiful Fiona Littlewood from Little Dragon Jewellery.

I’m Fiona!
I’ve been married for 10 years, have two kids (a boy and a girl) and am moving house in the next few weeks!
I trained as a florist and worked in the trade for over 15 years, one of my favourite things to do were the bespoke funeral tributes I made a Harley Davidson from flowers for a bikers funeral once. I also really enjoyed doing small-scale wire work for weddings.
I started the business after I had the kids and was on maternity leave as we moved 100 miles, leaving me with no job to go back to!

I make jewellery, planner goods and crochet/knitting notions. Mainly from polymer clay and wire. Every item is made by hand, by me. I love making creatures. I think my unicorns have probably been the best sellers in the last two years, but my ultimate favourite are the dragons. Any size, any colour, any item can have a dragon.

My shop is named after the year I was born! It was the chinese year of the dragon, but several family members had also been born in previous dragon years making me the Little Dragon.
My shop logo was designed by a lovely graphic artist who used a dragon necklace I had made as the basis for it, I still have the necklace as I never listed it for sale after the initial drawings!
I currently use a Websters pages in caramel for my daily planner this has everybody’s work/school schedule (shifts, trips, clubs etc) on the monthly pages and the week to view has checklists for daily reminders and to do notes. The inserts were made by Kirsty at Just so and they are wonderful! I think I may have planning peace in this one!

My business planner is a Pear Saffino. It was my second ever Filofax and it is sooooo beautiful! I use a diary in this one to block out my work week into times for making, networking and so on. I also have sections for ‘want to make’ ideas which seems to have become an endless list, business developement ideas, current orders, notions and creature club (two pre-order ‘clubs that I run through my Etsy shop, I name a theme and people purchase the items before I make them. I can offer a discount on these items as making more at the same time makes it more time efficient) and a running stock list. Its my business brain!

I have found since having the kids that I’ve usually got so much going on that if I don’t write it down, I will probably forget about it. The act of writing it sets it in my memory, which is why having a planner works so much better than the electronic equivalent for me.

I don’t really have a unicorn planner, I’m really happy with the planners I have. I would love to try a TN of some description Uglydori’s are amazing, and a couple of the other leather makers I’ve seen have been beautiful. I currently also use a Lyradori for all things ‘house’ (we’re moving soon, so it’s got packing lists and new colour schemes in, amongst other things) and I have a purple Filofax Flex that I’ve modified with elastic that I use for tracking crochet projects and my yarn stash.
You can find me all over social media now. I started out on twitter and gradually added others. Now I tend to use twitter the least, and Facebook and Instagram the most,






Thanks for reading and tune in next week for the next Small Business Spotlight.

The Stationer Geekette x

Planner Girls Collective: My Current Planner Set-Up


Hey Everyone. For today’s Planner Girls Collective post we are all showing our current planner set-up. Now for me this is a temporary set-up.

I am waiting for some inserts and dividers to set up my Sandringham planner. I have been struggling with my planner set up lately. Everything seems to work for a month or two but inevitably it stops been effective and I have finally found the reason why.

I use inserts that are supplied in planners and they are not working, as a result I end up with 3 planners to track everything I need to track and then I never use any one of them effectively so I have had some custom inserts set up that allow me to track all parts of my business, blog and home life effectively.

Along with the Sandringham I will be using my Uglydori as a note taking, on the go, bit of everything planner and my Filofax notebook to draft blog posts.

However, until that is set up how I need I am using; My Domino soft for blog planning, my Sandringham for course info and notes, my Filofax notebook as my blog notebook and my Uglydori for everything else.

I am sure the other girls are probably far more organised than I am at the moment 🙂

For a look at their set up please visit the links below.

Joanna’s Planner

Ugly Bug Plans

A Life Lived In Words

The Vintage Planner

Planner Montannah

Ska Lovin’ Geek

My Chaotically Eclectic Life

The Scrapbook Girl

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


Planner Girls Collective: My Desert Island Essentials…



Hey Everyone and welcome back to the Planner Girls Collective. I had to take a couple of weeks off posting due to a very poorly toddler and a lack of prior prep from me (oppsie).

Anyway I am going to approach today’s post in a slightly different manner and base it upon this question. If I was stranded on an Island what 10 things would I have to have with me. I don’t mean practical items either such as a lighter, water etc. I mean purely luxury items.

  1. Books – For me it would be a book series. Ideally more than one but in the spirit of the game I would pick a longer series like Throne of Glass.
  2. My watercolour paints – I would still want to use a creative journal.
  3. My creative journaling TN – With fresh, new inserts (6 of them)
  4. A pack of pencils – They will last longer than a pen
  5. A photo album – Full of photos of family and friends.
  6. Washi tape – Just to make everything look pretty and then I can hang my paintings in my tree house.
  7. Gingerbread t-bags – Well..why not? this is my fav type of green tea. I love how warming it is.
  8. My Book Journal – If I cannot take all the books with me I can at least take reminders of those books.
  9. My foxy blanket – I love the feel of this blanket and it’s extremely coforting to have.
  10. My wax melter and melts – Because I would miss my gingerbread and summerscoop scents lol

I would love to hear from you on your top 10 luxury items, what would you wish for if you were stuck on a deserted island?

Please don’t forget toheck out this amazing bunch and what their items are.

Planner Montannah

My Chaotically Eclectic Life 

An Ocean Glimmer 

A Life Lived In Words 

Pennygate Crafts 

Ugly Bug Plans

The Scrapbook Girl

The Vintage Planner 

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


Vintage Rose Studios New Releases and Valentine’s Discount Code 

Hey Everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Let’s not waste time and hurry to jump in love with these beautiful new kits from Vintage Rose Studios. 

May kit in Vertical and Horizontal 

Rose Gold Notes page

Isabelle kit in Horizontal and Vertical and decor

Heather kit in Horizontal and Vertical 

Coco kit in Horizontal and Vertical 

Rose kit in Horizontal and Vertical 

The Carnival range

Currently there is also a special Valentine’s Day discount. However if you miss out the code Emma15 will get you 15% off ÂŁ10.

Thanks for reading and happy spending:)

The Stationery Geekette x

Vintage Rose Studios New Releases #2

Hey Everyone, 

The lovely Melissa from Vintage Rose Studios has new releases on a Sunday and every Tuesday I will be posting them all here.

This week’s are some of my absolute favourites.

There are also new designs made especially for note pages.

Secret Garden Notespage Decor Kit

Scarlett Notepage Decor Kit

Secret Garden Vertical Kit and  Horizontal Kit

April Kit

Secret Garden Personal Kit

Alice In Wonderland Personal Kit

Cinderella Personal Kit 

Snow White Personal Kit

Remember to use code emma15 for a 15% Discount on ÂŁ10 or more.

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x

Life Update August + 5 Year Plan


It’s that time of the month again where I discuss my successions and failures of the last month. In all honesty I can’t say there has been much going on in the way of successes. I managed to read 9 books this month which was a success I guess. I also am writing reviews for two more sites, one of which I now get paid for..yay!

The kids having summer holidays and my hospital trip have pretty much meant that I haven’t got half as much done that I would have liked. I did however have a nice summer with the children which is the most important thing.

My business launched at the beginning on August and is doing well, people have been incredibly generous in their reviews.

The blog fell a little by the wayside due to everything going on and I admittedly have struggled with content, however I have renewed vigour now and determination to get things back on top and better. I will be creating a blog topic schedule which will make things easier as I have been posting a little randomly with content.

I have felt like I have been stuck in a bit of a rut, I mentioned in a previous post my planners don’t seem to be helping much lately, I am not using them as I was which means they are sitting redundantly on my shelf while I figure things out. Once the Ballerina comes though that will easily pick back up. I start college next week which I am really excited about too.

So my new blog schedule will be:

Monday (fortnightly): Confessions of …

Tuesday: Planner / Stationery related

Wednesday: Book Review and TSG Website post

Thursday: Draft, Edit and Admin work

Friday:  TSG Website post

Saturday: Life Update Posts and Book Review

Sunday: My Week/Plan with Me and Picks of the Month

I have also been thinking long and hard about my career and where I want it to go. Thanks to Michelle over at UglyBugDoes I have been inspired to create a 5-year plan.

Where Were You 5 Years Ago?

5 years ago I was living in Guisborough, unemployed and working for Victim Support as a volunteer hoping to gain entry to paid employment within the same sector.

Where Will You Be Living in 5 Years?

In an ideal world I would be living in Canada in a log cabin. Somewhere the kids would love to be. I love the idea of living close to the wilderness, somewhere cold and full of culture. I have wanted to live in Canada for as long as I can remember and for me this would be the ultimate place. However, I know realistically speaking that won’t happen for at least 10 years.

In 5 years I would like to think that I have purchased my own home and am at least part way saving to immigrate. Staying in my local town of Guisborough.

What Job Will You Be Doing?

By then I would have liked to have completed education in Business, Accounting and Copyediting and Proofreading. I would like to hope that my brand is still going and is really strong. I would also like to hope that I am reviewing books for a living, preferably copyediting and proofreading for an income.

What 5 Things are most important to you right now?

  • Family – Getting Alexis sorted into a better routine and getting her settled.
  • Finances – Find employment and to get my business generating an income
  • Career – To complete the Business course I am due to start
  • Finances – To clear debts as soon as possible
  • Health – To lose weight and get fitter

Top 5 Business and Career Goals?

  • Promote TSG Bookclub and increase revenue
  • Learn about analytics and SEO for the blogs
  • Learn How to Proofread and Copyedit
  • Work for a successful publisher reviewing, proof-reading and editing
  • Own my own successful brand and business.

Top 5 Family Goals?

  • Get Alexis settled into a sleep routine again
  • Spend more quality time with Adam and Chloe individually
  • Get a larger house
  • Get a Pet
  • Have a happy household

Top 5 Personal Goals?

  • To be happy in what I do
  • To have more free time
  • To lose at least 3 stone
  • To start running
  • To eat better

Now that it’s all written down I have no excuse not to see things through. I shall as always drop in with updates and if you are interested in following Michelle’s progress then please pop along to www.uglybugdoes.me .

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Planner Discontent…

I seem to have hit a bit of a planner funk lately.

There seems to be a combination of different reasons. The first being that there has been many changes in my life over the last 6 weeks and as a result I’ve found the purpose for my planners has changed. What they contain is different. 

Secondly I’ve also found that I lack the time I was spending decorating and such therefore the plainer pages didn’t inspire me.

Thirdly I am waiting for a new planner to arrive which keepa getting delayed by the manufacturer. It was suppose to be here late July, then early August,  then late August and now probably September. I had only set up my planner until August due to this. As a result of not knowing I floated about for the first week or so of the month.

I hate feeling that I am not together,  in control and a huge part of that is the planners. They contain everything about my life so I always know what’s going on when and where.

I have managed to find some temporary resolution by resorting my planner to adjust for the next couple of months.

I will post my new set-up in a post next week. 

My question to you is how do you cope with life changes and planner discontent? Have you found a way around it and if so what tips and tricks would you offer?

Thank you for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x