May 21st-27th Planner Decor

Hey everyone.

Today is just a quick post to share with you my weekly planner decor.

I’ve not been using a planner much over the last few months but I’ve decided to start using my gorgeous Galaxy Recollections planner to keep at home with all my stuff in.

This week I used the Unicorn Dreams kit from Your World Of Colour. I love it. It is summery and all pastels which are my fav.

As you can see the EC kits work well in other planners including horizontal ones like this.

If you fancy getting yourself this kit or any others then remember you can use my code for a discount.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x


Plan With Me 21st – 27th August.

This week in my large I have gone with a Supernatural theme. Using the last of the kit from UglyBugPlans which is now offered as a free printable on her blog.

I also decorated my smaller planner which I use for Blog/Writing.  I used the Galaxy kit from TheGingerCatCo which I bought many months ago.

I’m trying to style my own inserts in my Micro which is used as an everyday carry.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Plan With Me: 14th Р20th August 

Hey everyone, still planning in my large! Yay me. 

I honestly cannot remember who the sticker seller was for the large black and floral stickers, I’ve had them for years. They went perfectly with the same style stickers from Notes and Clips which I also used and the fictional stickers from Your World of Colour.  I also added the wacky holidays from the Your World of Colour as well.

I teamed this all up with some washi in black and white style. 

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Plan With Me 31st July to 6th August

Hey:) just a quick one from me today. Still using my large though I have to admit since the holidays started remembering to write thongs down is a but of an issue lol.

I am using the beautiful Alice kit from FabPlannerPrint that I won in a Giveaway. I adore the colours on this so much.

Feel free to pop me a link to your weeks below:) 

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Plan With Me July 17th to 23rd

Hey Everyone, 

Another week and another plan with me.

Again this is in my large planner.

I used the gorgeous Unicorn kit from TheMixMatchPlanner. This kit was honestly so beautiful. I have got loads left for another spread or 2 as well. 

These stickers are honestly amazing quality and really beautiful. I’d highly recommend them.

Here is a close up of my days:) 

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Plan With Me July 10th – 16th

I haven’t done one of these for a while. Mostly because I haven’t been decorating my planners as such. I now live in my micro but I recently sorted a desk area downstairs so have started using my large as a desk planner. I put everything in here relating to work, home, meal plans etc and I have it open and out for me to see every day.

I’ve just finished the decor for the week ahead. I went simple black and white with odd bits of colour. Stickers are from numerous shops but mostly the Mambi sticker packs.

I also used some sticky notes to put in for things I like to move about and keep collated.

I really love how this turned out. I forgot how much I enjoyed doing weekly pages:) 

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x

My Week #10 (6th – 12th Mar)

Hey Everyone,

As I don’t really want to replicate content again on my site. I made a post on Tuesday about something I was taking part in called the Experimental Geek challenge. Both my spreads for the Domino and Mini Happy Planner are both within that post.

You can find this post here.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

My Week #3 (16th-22nd Jan)

Hey Everyone, 

It’s that time of the week again.

Today I will be showing you the decor in my mini happy planner and my Heidi Swapp planner.

I’ll start with the Heidi as it’s really simple. It’s a busy work week for me so I have scaled right back on the decor but added these beautiful date covers from Vintage Rose Studios they come either as part of a weekly kit or as a sheet of 4 sets.

My mini happy planner has a lot more decor in it. I am a fan of white space so I don’t like to clutter my page but any type of kit will fit with the mini even if not specifically designed for it.

I have used the Coffee Date personal size kit for this. 

As you can see I’ve still managed to get some pretty decor as well as function on the page. I love the little washi strips across the top of the page which are also part of the personal planner sticker kit ranges.

I used stickers here that came with my design team kit which you can see in more detail here.

Stay tuned for a post Tuesday showcasing all this weeks new releases and remember get 15% off any order £10 or over with the code emma15

Thanks for reading 

The Stationery Geekette x

My Week 41

For this week theme I have gone all out Goonies. These stickers are from the wonderful All Things Paper and are amazing quality. The little blogging girl stickers are from The Plump Planner and are completely adorable. 

Loving the new vertical layout from the Carpe Diem Ballerina planner, it is actually making me much more productive than I was previously. 

Thanks for reading:) 

The Stationery Geekette x 

Plan With Me #3


Sorry I have not done a plan with me for a while but I have been quite busy sorting out the new house.

This week’s decoration has been brought to you by the lovely Mrs Brimbles.

I have gone for a retro themed week this week, bringing it back with an 80’s feel (My fav era and years of my youth).

I like to keep things quite simple with decoration as I find too much tends to clutter my pages then my planner becomes less functional.

The stickers from Mrs Brimbles are her exclusive design, I love them so much I ended up ordering two more sets after this one arrived.

I also used the functional stickers from Small Stuff Creations that I linked in previous posts.

The glasses washi I believe was from Hobbycraft and the geometric design was from Lava Lamp Designs on etsy.

I did some funky little designs with some of my writing too as I’m really wanting to get more creative with my planning.

This is my finished look so far:)

I may start including my blog planner in the Plan With Me posts too, as I have recently started adding a little decoration to those pages too.

Thanks for reading:)

The Stationery Geekette x