Planner Girls : My Planner Wishlist


Hey Everyone and welcome to another edition of Planner Girls Collective.

Today we are posting our planner wish lists. This could be items to use with our planners or actual planners themselves.

In terms of physical planners I am pretty good with what I have however I am hoping for an A5 as it’s the only size I don’t have. I am pretty open to the brand I just know the size is the main thing.

Everything else in my wish list is an item to use within my planner.

  1. Shooting Star Paperclip from Plannerhead
  2.  The entire Shootin’ For The Moon range by MrsBrimbles
  3.  Night Sky stickers from FabPlannerPrint
  4.  Rocket paperclip from Cherryblossomsinthemarketsquare
  5. Earth sticky notes from IzzyandDaisy
  6. Out Of The World Traveler’s Notebook double dashboard from LittleRainbowMoon
  7. Planner stickers from NotesandClips
  8. Contact Insert from TravelersTimes
  9. Watercolour stickers from CraftyAliCat
  10. All these mini kits from FiloFabulouss: Dreamy, XoXo, Fall, Deers
  11. Faber-Castell Watercolour pencils

So that’s pretty much everything. As you can see there is a general theme running through the items on there. They are to go in my new Uglydori which you will see a review on tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and please visit the ladies links below to find out what is on their wish lists.

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Ugly Bug Plans

A Life Lived In Words

The Stationery Geekette x

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Ugly Bug Does Rockabilly Rebel.

*Disclaimer – This box is given to me free of charge as part of the design team. It does not alter or change my opinion of the goods received *

This box…is soooo good. Very different from any other subscription boxes I’ve seen

In the A5 box I received :

* A planner dashboard 

*3 sticker sheets

*A personalised charm

* Sticky notes heart pack

*2 Washi

* Gem paperclip 

The dashboard Rockabilly Rebel image was created by Tamara Van Wijk and you get buy her designs here Illustrations By T.

Again this box did not fail to deliver. Michelle is doing amazingly well with this and even has a special Christmas in July Box special this month as a one off.

For more details on how to order, sneak peeks and other UglyBugDoes goodness please click the following links:)

UglyBugDoes Website and Blog

UglyBugDoes Etsy

UglyBugDoes Facebook

UglyBugDoes Twitter

UglyBugDoes Instagram

UglyBugDoes Planner Subs Box – July *spoilers*

*Disclaimer – I received the box free of charge as I am part of the design team however this does not alter my opinion of the quality of the contents.*

I love this time of the month. Even though I am part of the design team and know the theme it’s great to see the finished box all put together. There is always 1-2 items that we haven’t seen too so it’s a nice surprise.

This is Michelle’s second subscription box and the theme for this month is Superhero.

Contents included:
* Pen with a hero logo
* Pow planner decal paperclip
* Metal superhero paperclip
* Sticker sheets
* A5 or Personal size dashboard (extra stickers for HP or EC users)
* Lego Superhero charm
* Superhero Journaling Cards

This kit is adorable and fantastic value for money.

The box retails at £10 excluding delivery and many of the items are exclusive to the box.

Now for the best bit…the pictures.








For those who want to see the difference between the ring bound planner boxes and those for HP and EC please see the video below from Katy Evans, a fellow Design Team member:)

For more details on how to order, sneak peeks and other UglyBugDoes goodness please click the following links:)
UglyBugDoes Website and Blog
UglyBugDoes Etsy
UglyBugDoes Facebook
UglyBugDoes Twitter
UglyBugDoes Instagram

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

My Blog Planner

I decided that I was going to focus and improve my blog more in 2016. To do this I knew I would need to implement a routine and for that I would need a planner. Originally I was using the large Ocean Kikki.K, however my wonderful partner bought me the beautiful Wellness planner for my birthday this month.

When the planner arrived I took out the inserts and put them into the Ocean planner and set about making my new one perfect. I really wanted something that was cute and pretty as well as functional. I love the Grey of the Wellness planner, I feel this looks more professional and contrasts the fun mint green on the inside. I don’t usually bother much with internal pocket prettiness, mainly because my Malden is hard to cater for with them been vertically challenged.


However the Wellness planner pockets are a great size and location for me to do things with. In the top pocket I have a mini notebook for any notes I need to quickly jot down. This was from Wilkos and has a cute heart design. I also have my name paper-clip just behind so it pops up above the notebook, I love the colour of the clip and it fits perfectly with the colour scheme. It was made for me by Michelle at Uglybugplans. Just below the notebook I have a Planner Nerd paper-clip which was made by Cherryblossomsinthemarketsquare and then in the bottom I just have a little butterfly from the Kikki.K dashboard set. My first page is a drawing done for me from one of the ladies in UKPA and a journalling card from the Kikki.K dashboard set.


My first section is my calender. This is where I plot out my blog posts for the weeks ahead and make any notes of posts I may like to squeeze in.


I also have my Kikki.K stickers and a little wallet in this section where I keep washi sample sheets and other little bits.



After this I have my Ideas section. This for all my blog post ideas, things I want to look into to, research, brainstorms etc.


My next section is for Planning. This is where I draft all my posts and write down what I want my post to look like, and sound like.


Next is my stats section. This is where I list my monthly statistics so I can track how things improve or decline, what maybe popular and what isn’t.


My next section is to record all books I read that I may want to review. I use the Book inserts from the Kikki.K for this.



Next is my To-Do section. This is pretty self explanatory. I keep all the things I would like to get done with my blog and tasks for blog posts.


Finally, to set it all off I have this gorgeous little charm from UglyBugPlans 🙂


So there it it. I have ordered some weekly inserts from Just So Stationery which I plan to use in my Calender section too.

Thanks for reading:)

The Stationery Geekette x


Pretty Purchases #1

I don’t often review the purchases I make, but I have decided that I probably should since the items I receive are often amazing and should be shown worldwide!

I have made 3 purchases lately, well I say lately it’s more over the last couple of months.

Firstly, a beautiful paperclip. Not just any old paperclip but a pink glittery Unicorn! That’s right! A FREAKING UNICORN!

Absolutely love this. It is extremely well made and very sturdy. I have no worries about using this as I don’t feel it will bend or snap off.

The shop was called Vellamaes and is on Etsy and it was very well priced at £3.99 inc postage.

I am soooo happy with it:)


Secondly my other purchase was a new dashboard. I wanted something that was classic and simple. Different from the other ones which I own. I honestly couldn’t decided for ages but I went with the Tiffany Blue coffee cup one.

The seller and creater is Swci Stationery again on Etsy. The price was £3.50 inc delivery. Beautiful work, I will definitely be having more of these in the future:)


Last but not least this is one of the most pricey washi I have ever bought and the only reason was shipping. The washi it’s self is very very well priced. The shipping is totally worth it too.

Custom made design by Cynthia this washi is absolutely adorable. It has a lovely sparkle too it and well…who doesn’t love pink and gold and…….UNICORNS! that’s right Unicorns again! I simply cannot get enough.

This arrived all the way from France within 5 days and it is so much nicer that I could have imagined.

This was purchased from LoveCynthia and the cost was just over 10 euro which worked out about £8.40ish. It also came with a few little goodies. I have used the little bookmarks as page dividers in my planners. They are super cute:)



I hope you enjoyed seeing the beautiful items recently purchased:)

The Stationery Geekette x


*Disclaimer – All items were purchased by myself and not as part of any promotions by the above shops. Beautiful creations should be shared :)*