Home Binder System: An Alternative to the 43 Folder Binder


Last week I watched a YouTube video by Miss TrenchCoat (aka Alexis from Strange and Charmed). It was all about  the 43 Folder Binder System. The video can be seen here.

The basic concept is to have 43 folders in your binder, 12 are monthly and 31 are for each day of the month. The folders are for you to slot reminders, Bills, invitations etc in that you get so you know what’s upcoming and when. A complete running folder with 12 months future planning.

I loved the idea of this system especially for all my house stuff such as bill dates, budget, cleaning,  birthdays and whatever else pops up throughout the year.

One thing that did become apparent when I was considering my set up was that my life simply is not busy enough for all 31 days of the months folders.
Knowing this I have adapted the method to suit my needs.

Instead if 31 daily folders I have 5 weekly dividers dated 1st – 7th, 8th – 14th, 15th – 21st, 22nd – 28th and 29th – 31st. On these I will use sticky notes to put any info relevant to that week.


I also have one folder per month where I can pop any paperwork for that month.

I have also included a few other things in my system.
My contents are:
1) Account Numbers


2) Budget Info


3) Contacts
4) Inbox (where I pop things when I don’t have time to sort it)


5) Cleaning Schedule


6) Monthly Calender


7) Monthly Events Card


8) Monthly Folder


9) 5 Weekly Dividers


The binder then repeats itself from 6-9.
I am really hoping this helps to keep track of everything that is going on in a more functional and practical way. I often will note things in my planner and then cannot find the associated paperwork and I don’t make notes in my planner regarding bills and payments either.

I also have a plastic zipper wallet in to keep my sticky notes in a safe place.


For anyone who would like to see the 43 Folder System then please pop along to the lovely Michelle at Uglybugdoes on YouTube to see how she set up her binder.

Thanks for reading

The Stationery Geekette x


6 Months To Change My Life

I have been part of a Facebook group known as UK Planner Addicts (UKPA) for some time now. It’s an amazing group full of beautiful,  intelligent and amazing women (mostly, there is the occasional man there too). The group has off shoot groups for all other aspects of life such as fitness, beauty etc.
A couple of months ago one of the lovely admin Stephanie set up a group called 6 Months To Change Your Life. The aim of this group was to support each other, bolster motivation and give advice to others looking to make a concerted effort to make huge life changes within a 6 month period.


I joined straight away as this speaks to me so much. I am constantly trying to make changes, aspire to my dreams and tick off my goals as I want a different life for myself and my family.

Upon joining the group I looked at my life goals and where I wanted to be in 6 months time. Not all of my life goals are achievable within this time but I can make inroads towards them.

I picked all the goals off my list that I thought I could get through by challenging myself over the 6mths.

This was my final list.

To move, somewhere cheaper and smaller.

Loose 2 stone
Drink more water
Eat more fruit and veg

Increase pace
More varied excercise

Save on bills
Rework debt plans

Mind and Soul
Silent time
Read more
Put myself first more
Look after myself better (hair, nails etc)

Arrange more meet ups
Write to penpals promptly
Make more effort with family

Free Online courses
Enrol on TA course in August

So that’s everything. I’ve managed to knock a few of these off the list already. I’ve been breaking them down month by month and as some get ticked off I add more.

Another little task that was posted in the group by Stephanie was to work out your 3 core values. To look deep within to find what was most important.
This I found difficult as the list was huge. I managed to get it down to 3 as the words I picked encompassed others that I wanted to choose.

My 3 core values are:

So this is my pledge….

I intend to make changes and work towards my life goals, seeking to improve my life and the lives of my children.
Between the dates of March 14th and September 14th I will work harder than before to challenge myself to actively make these changes. To achieve the life of my dreams I must work for it.

I will keep myself accountable by posting monthly updates of what I have achieved, what I plan for the next month and where I’ve let myself down (hopefully this won’t ever appear!).

I’d love to hear from anyone else taking part in this challenge or one similar. How are you finding it? What are your goals?
For those who are not doing something like this maybe you could challenge yourself to make changes towards your life goals.

Thank you for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x