Blog Content Update!

Hey Everyone! 

So…this post is basically a run down of all the things I have coming up over the next month when it comes to content. I won’t go into specifics but you’ll get the gyst of things.

First of all I will be continuing my book reviews. I also have some which link to an author signing events I attended and Giveaways for a signed copies of the books in question. 

My Stationery / Planner related posts will focus a little more on some of the small businesses which I have purchased from.

I will be starting a new blog series about effective planning methods, efficient target planning and other productivity related posts.

The site itself will undergo a few changes. I am re-categorising to make content more slimlined and easier to navigate, I’ll be updating my personal about me and info section as well.

The Confessions posts will continue to run as our schedule takes us up to mid-December as it stands.

I am also going to be featuring a few Guest Posts from some of my favourite bloggers which I am excited about and you will see a post explaining how to become one if you are interested.

In the meantime if you are interested in finding out about the Guest posts or want to take part in the Confessions link up then feel free to drop me comment below or email me on 

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 


6 Months To Change My Life – 2nd Time Around

Those of you who have read my blog before are aware I have done this previously too. There is a group that I joined just over 6 months ago for the first set of goals. The aim is to set ourselves goals and aims to achieve over the next 6 months that go some way to improving the quality of our life. We all share experiences,  support and sometimes when needed a little constructive criticism. 

I really enjoyed the last 6 months and feel I achieved a lot that I had set out to so it was a no brainer to start again for another 6 months with new goals.

This time I’ve set out my goals for what I want at the end of the 6 months and have broke them all down into monthly goals.

As of yet I’ve not drawn up my blog and career goals simply because I really want to have a huge focus on my home life and health this time. So I will update with those goals later this week.

I have wrote one primary focus down for October and will be using the tracker supplied in the new Carpe Diem. Each month I will chose a different high focus area to work on. I want to try and instill a habit over the 30 days so a tracker becomes unnecessary. 

So let’s have a look at my goals;
1) Be More Positive – This is a big one. I always think I am positive but I admit lately it’s to easy to get bogged down and not appreciate things that perhaps I should. My aim here to to write down every single day at least 1 positive thing.

2) Lose 2 stone and eat better – Over the last 6 months I haven’t been as good as I should have.  I really want to shift the weight. This breaks down to 4lb a month, 1lb a week so I feel it’s achievable. My eating habits have started to slip back into snacky eating too so I need to reign it back in.

3) Organise The Paperwork – Given how organised I am in every area of my life this is one area I am not. I have 3 months if not more of filing to catch up on. I must get this done and a system in place.

4) Be More Financially Responsible – The biggest part of this is to stop emotionally spending. I also want to start paying more off my credit card each month to reduce this right down. With Birthdays and Christmas over these 6 months I need to spend much better than I do.

5) Have A Better Home Life – This is quite broad but covers things such as: more time offline, more time as a family,  date nights, sorting Alexis’s bedtime routine out again. Everything that has been not great over the last 6 months needs improving.

That’s it for my main goals. I may have only 5 but there are some biggies in there.

As you can see from the page below I have wrote these out and put them into my planner along with the monthly focus tasks.

UKPA although set out originally as a planner group is about so much more. The help and support from this group of people is massive.

To follow some of the other ladies journey’s please have a read of these blogs:)

My Chaotically Eclectic Life 

Plan With Hannah

Ugly Bug Does

If you think you could benefit from this feel free to email me at or drop a comment below and I’ll gladly gwt you involved. 

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x

Life Update August + 5 Year Plan


It’s that time of the month again where I discuss my successions and failures of the last month. In all honesty I can’t say there has been much going on in the way of successes. I managed to read 9 books this month which was a success I guess. I also am writing reviews for two more sites, one of which I now get paid for..yay!

The kids having summer holidays and my hospital trip have pretty much meant that I haven’t got half as much done that I would have liked. I did however have a nice summer with the children which is the most important thing.

My business launched at the beginning on August and is doing well, people have been incredibly generous in their reviews.

The blog fell a little by the wayside due to everything going on and I admittedly have struggled with content, however I have renewed vigour now and determination to get things back on top and better. I will be creating a blog topic schedule which will make things easier as I have been posting a little randomly with content.

I have felt like I have been stuck in a bit of a rut, I mentioned in a previous post my planners don’t seem to be helping much lately, I am not using them as I was which means they are sitting redundantly on my shelf while I figure things out. Once the Ballerina comes though that will easily pick back up. I start college next week which I am really excited about too.

So my new blog schedule will be:

Monday (fortnightly): Confessions of …

Tuesday: Planner / Stationery related

Wednesday: Book Review and TSG Website post

Thursday: Draft, Edit and Admin work

Friday:  TSG Website post

Saturday: Life Update Posts and Book Review

Sunday: My Week/Plan with Me and Picks of the Month

I have also been thinking long and hard about my career and where I want it to go. Thanks to Michelle over at UglyBugDoes I have been inspired to create a 5-year plan.

Where Were You 5 Years Ago?

5 years ago I was living in Guisborough, unemployed and working for Victim Support as a volunteer hoping to gain entry to paid employment within the same sector.

Where Will You Be Living in 5 Years?

In an ideal world I would be living in Canada in a log cabin. Somewhere the kids would love to be. I love the idea of living close to the wilderness, somewhere cold and full of culture. I have wanted to live in Canada for as long as I can remember and for me this would be the ultimate place. However, I know realistically speaking that won’t happen for at least 10 years.

In 5 years I would like to think that I have purchased my own home and am at least part way saving to immigrate. Staying in my local town of Guisborough.

What Job Will You Be Doing?

By then I would have liked to have completed education in Business, Accounting and Copyediting and Proofreading. I would like to hope that my brand is still going and is really strong. I would also like to hope that I am reviewing books for a living, preferably copyediting and proofreading for an income.

What 5 Things are most important to you right now?

  • Family – Getting Alexis sorted into a better routine and getting her settled.
  • Finances – Find employment and to get my business generating an income
  • Career – To complete the Business course I am due to start
  • Finances – To clear debts as soon as possible
  • Health – To lose weight and get fitter

Top 5 Business and Career Goals?

  • Promote TSG Bookclub and increase revenue
  • Learn about analytics and SEO for the blogs
  • Learn How to Proofread and Copyedit
  • Work for a successful publisher reviewing, proof-reading and editing
  • Own my own successful brand and business.

Top 5 Family Goals?

  • Get Alexis settled into a sleep routine again
  • Spend more quality time with Adam and Chloe individually
  • Get a larger house
  • Get a Pet
  • Have a happy household

Top 5 Personal Goals?

  • To be happy in what I do
  • To have more free time
  • To lose at least 3 stone
  • To start running
  • To eat better

Now that it’s all written down I have no excuse not to see things through. I shall as always drop in with updates and if you are interested in following Michelle’s progress then please pop along to .

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Brutally Honest Confessions: A Pre-Teen Me..

Today’s post is about us as children. What we were like. I was a good child, I rarely got into trouble and loved school. I was an avid reader at a young age and often would seek solace in a good book.

My dad wasn’t around much, long enough though for my mum to fall pregnant with my brother when I was 5 years old.

My Gran often tells me that I was quite a jealous sibling when my brother was born, I don’t remember this. The only thing I remember really from around that age was thinking I heard Santa’s sledge on a late night out (probably about 6pm lol) and playing in my bedroom, pretending there was a witch in my wardrobe.

Even as I got a bit older heading towards my teen years I was always good, always had the best of intentions.

My mum got a new partner, I’m not sure how old I was at the time but when I was 9 we started running pubs so lived in them.

The first pub we lived in was called The Buck in Guisborough,  nothing much really happened here. Apart from school I’d spend my days down at the local beck with a fishing net and my brother.

The next pub we lived in was called The Old Dunn Cow in Darlington.  I hated the place, the people, the school. It was too big, too much a city. I missed the countryside. I got flashed at here, in the park while my brother and I were collecting conkers. The only redeeming feature was The Dolphin Centre which is where I spent most of my time, playing on the slides, diving boards or swimming in the pools. I once cut my foot when I was living here and remember having to go around the hospital in a wheelchair until they checked for glass and stitched me up. I still have the scar.

The next pub I lived in was in Coulby Newham called The Smithy. I didn’t particularly like the school or location but I made some great friends here, ones I’m still in touch with.

We spent hours playing bands in the garage, singing and dancing. It was always fun. I got my first crush when I was living here, on a friend called Mark lol.

One day we decided that we all wanted to set up a cafe. Me with my bright ideas thought we should use the spare kitchen in the flat above the pub, we decided that we could have people sit on the garage roof which led out through the Patio door from the kitchen.

We had it all planned. We bought sausages and alsorts. However…been only 10 we had no idea what we were doing and promptly set fire to a chip pan. Luckily my mum put it out in time to not cause any serious damage. Lesson learnt…I was not going to run a Cafe on top of a pub at the age of 10.

After we moved from here we stopped running pubs and lived in a little house in Skelton. It was at this point that my life started taking a very different turn.

I was around 10 when I first witnessed my step dad been awful to my mum, verbally abusing her in an argument in the car. Me being me I didn’t like it and mouthed at him, I didn’t like what he was saying, how he was calling her names. That was the first time he was physically and verbally violent to me. The last time wouldn’t occur until 6 years later.

We ended up leaving that house due to neighbours complaining about him, he attitude. They all knew what he was like but didn’t do anything. I also found out when we lived here that he use to smoke a lot of drugs to calm him down, apparently I had an attitude problem. I didn’t,  I just refused to back down to a bully.

When I was about 12 my teacher noticed bruising all over my thighs and side during P.E.  At that point social services were contacted. Not once did anyone speak to me or ask about anything. They just went to the house to warn him not to hurt me that was it. One visit, a visit which just resulted in another beating for me. 

I once remember catching him hurting my mum, I thought he would kill her, she was walking down the stairs and he flung a washing machine down after her, it knocked her down the stairs and pinned her to the ground. My brother would hide in his bedroom, luckily he never got physically hurt but watching the violence has scared him still until this day.

During this period I still did well at school, school was my sanctuary, my safe place and when I couldn’t be here I was with my Gran, who despite offering help and advice to my mum couldn’t really do much more. She despised my step dad as much as I did. 

What I’ve wrote makes my life sound terrible but there were some days of joy in among it all, trips out, meals, special times that were good. It wasn’t all bad. Admittedly it got a lot worse once I hit about 13 but that is a story for another time.

One thing I’ve taken away from my childhood is strength. I will never be in a position my mother was in, I will never let anyone talk down to me or be abusive whether they are man, woman or child. I am not a victim of domestic violence, I am a survivor of domestic violence:)

I’m sorry if my post feels like a bit of a downer, but anyone who knows me knows I am honest, positive and bubbly. My past does not dictate my future…but it is part of my past, a past that’s made me proud of who I am today.

Don’t forget to pop along Ugly Bug Does for Michelle’s post on today’s topic. 

Thank you for reading.