Business Planner Set-Up 


I made the decision to change my business lately and discovered that I really needed an active business planner. I won this beautiful A5 Finsbury Filofax from a raffle in a group and it was the perfect size for what I needed.

I found these really cute printables on Etsy that seemed to encompass all the little things I would need.

The printables are from PaperScribblesCo 

As you can see they work perfectly and have made my business run much smoother.



I am really happy with how this is working for me, and it helps that is seriously pretty:)

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


Stationery Store Spotlight: Planner Montannah 

Hey Everyone,

Today I have the lovely Suzanne telling us all about her Etsy Store, Planner Montannah.

1) Tell us a little about you, who is the person behind the shop?

I’m Suzi, I’m 35 and have a degree in photographic art and a foundation degree in art, media and design. I’ve always loved arts and crafts, making things and designing my own items! My Etsy store was born from this need to create and be crafty as my job (I’m a payments officer) doesn’t let me tap into this so this is the perfect outlet.

2) What does your store sell?

My store sells planner charms though I am thinking of branching out into bag charms and key rings along with a few stationery items in the near future!

3) Is there an item which you have made that you have loved above all others? not only because it was so fun to make and came together how I imagined but because I feel like it was the piece that taught me so much!

4) What is your most popular seller?

I don’t really have a popular seller but the pieces that seem to get a load of likes are these robots

Robot Charm B


Robot Charm A


5) What inspired your shop name?

I love plays on words and names that sound similar to other things, I had also been described as a bit of a Planner Montannah before now and so the name kind of stuck!

6) What planner do you use?

I have recently been using a Filofax Malden in Kingfisher Blue, personal sized but have discovered Bullet Journaling and currently am using a leuchturm 1917 dot grid book (in azure blue) A5 format! I love that it can be more expressive and accommodating than traditional planner calendars.

7) What is your planning style?

Messy and creative! I love colour and being able to put my own mark onto a page!

😎 What are your social media channels? (Please Link)


And blog over at (though I’ve recently had a break for personal reasons) but will be back soon!

I also have a Facebook page “Planner Montannah” 😀

9)What is your planner ‘unicorn’?

My planner unicorn was my Malden which was a birthday present but I have a terrible habit of flicking between planners and planning styles! At the moment I’m lusting over dot grid hard backed notebooks (no particular brand!) I love a good notebook!

10) What is the link to your shop?


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The Stationery Geeekette x


Your World of Colour New Releases


Yesterday I was asked by the lovely Carlyann if I would like to be part of the Your World of Colour PR Team, of course, I said yes.

Today is a big new release day for the store so I thought I would do a post to show you some of the new sticker sets and link you the shop along with my discount code for you all.

If you are like me, constantly trying to eat better and lose weight these No Junk Food stickers are perfect.


Just look at at this beautiful monthly overview kit, perfect for Spring.


If you would like to check out the selection at Your World of Colour then you can do so on the Etsy store here.

You can use Stationerygeek15 to get yourself 15% off your order.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


Planner Girls Collective: My Planner Journey {Why I plan}


Hey everyone,

It’s been a few weeks since my last Planner Girl’s Collective post but I am back on track now (thanks, Easter!).

This week we are discussing our planner journey’s, and why it is we use planners.

I have always loved stationery and organisers but up until early 2015, I didn’t realise just what a world it was.

I had a baby in late 2014 and during pregnancy and early motherhood I found out about A Bowl Full Of Lemons and revolutionised my organisation however it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Post-natal depression that I got my first Filofax.

With everything going on in my head and with having a newborn, house to run and 2 other older children it was a necessity for me to just know what my life was doing on a day to day basis.

About 4-6 months later I discovered planner groups on Facebook and I was introduced to other planner manufacturers, traveller’s notebooks, washi, stickers. You name it, I found it. My world suddenly got a lot bigger and a lot brighter.

I have since discovered creative journaling, memory planning, and other forms of planning and journaling which I have come to rely on not sure to organise my life but to organise my head.

People may not understand this obsession, that is fine they don’t need to but for me, it helps me organise my thought’s and has helped with my PND in a huge way.

Planning for me is a lifeline, not just a hobby. Without them, my life would be chaos.

To see why the other ladies in the group plan and to read their journey please visit their blogs listed below.

My Chaotically Eclectic Life

The Scrapbook Girl 

Kerry-May Makes 

Joanna’s Planner

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


Small Business Spotlight: FabPlannerPrint

Today I have the lovely Toni from FabPlannerPrint.
1) Tell us a little about you, who is the person behind the shop?

Hi, I’m Toni, I’m a mummy to one very active and cheeky 21 month old. I’m from Mid Wales, and absolutely love the area. I’m getting married this year to my amazing partner (he can tell the difference between a Filofax and a Kikki K, and a TN a keeper for sure) so exciting, my family knows me well as they bought me a purple A5 Malden as an engagement present to plan the wedding.  I’ve always loved planners I think my first was a filofax at the age of 13, I used to doodle all over it but it was primarily to record my nail polish collection. I’d have lots of little swatches and the names and carry it around so I didn’t buy the same polish twice.

I’ve always been creative, art and craft. I studied art throughout school and went to college and completed a fashion and clothing construction course so fabric holds a special place in my heart. Maybe I’ll do something with fabric in the shop at some point.

I started the shop to have something for me, going from working full-time to being a stay at home Mum was a shock to the system, I’m also quite shy meeting people so an online shop is perfect for me.  I never thought I’d actually sell anything and now I still can’t believe I am. I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve had in the last 8 months. I’ve made some fab friends and met so many lovely people along the way. My design team has been amazingly supportive.  I’ve been overwhelmed by how lovely the planner community is.
2) What does your store sell?

Stickers, lots of stickers. You can never have enough, right? My focus is on kits, weekly and monthly for a whole range of planners. I also do custom orders for inserts and dividers but I’m hoping to get my dividers and page markers in the shop soon.

3) Is there an item which you have made that you have loved above all others?

It’s got to be my original boho themed kits. It’s the kit in the shop that is the most ‘me’. I originally made it in the personal and happy planner size but have added to the collection now as it’s been so popular. It was the first kit I made and I love it. I’ve used it so many times in my own planners, I don’t think I’ll ever get board of it.
4) What is your most popular seller?
Ohhh there are a couple that are neck and neck, the boho mentioned above and the night sky kits are old favourites. The newer Vintage Tea party kit has been a hit. 

5) What inspired your shop name?

I’m so awful at picking names, I called on my Mum to help and she came up with FabPlannerPrint. If you knew me you’d be able to tell why in a few minutes. Everything is fab! I say it all the time. The plan originally was to offer printable items hence the print part. I’ve moved to printed stickers but still love the name.

6) What planner do you use?

Ok, you can’t have too many planners can you?
A personal planner (I change the planner quite a lot) I use this as my handbag (really a changing bag, I can’t wait to have a handbag again) planner.
A classic Happy Planner as my home planner.
A5 purple Malden is my wedding planner.
A Websters TN rose Gold as my business planner.
A mini Happy Planner is for my other business
I also have a ECLP, an A5, and am on the hunt for a large Happy Planner as I use them for the shop to do layouts and kit tests. I may also sneak some personal planning bits in them as well, can’t let those stickers go to waste.

7) What is your planning style?

It changes constantly, there has been so many life changes over the last couple of years that it needs to be updated all the time. That’s part of the fun for me as well. I always have some decoration but I love functional box stickers, washi strips any thing that will help me pack as much info  on the page as I can.

8) What are your social media channels? 

My shop Facebook group, lots of exclusive offers here as well as ooops sale packs and where you can get your hands on a loyalty card.

Facebook page


9) What is your planner ‘unicorn’

I have my unicorn! My partner picked me a personal Aqua Malden  a few years ago and it remains my favourite. I just love everything about it.

10) What is the link to your shop.



Use hello15 for 15% off a purchase over £5 (exc P&P). Valid until 24/4/17.

Thanks for reading.
The Stationery Geekette x

Planner Girls Collective: My Current Planner Set-Up


Hey Everyone. For today’s Planner Girls Collective post we are all showing our current planner set-up. Now for me this is a temporary set-up.

I am waiting for some inserts and dividers to set up my Sandringham planner. I have been struggling with my planner set up lately. Everything seems to work for a month or two but inevitably it stops been effective and I have finally found the reason why.

I use inserts that are supplied in planners and they are not working, as a result I end up with 3 planners to track everything I need to track and then I never use any one of them effectively so I have had some custom inserts set up that allow me to track all parts of my business, blog and home life effectively.

Along with the Sandringham I will be using my Uglydori as a note taking, on the go, bit of everything planner and my Filofax notebook to draft blog posts.

However, until that is set up how I need I am using; My Domino soft for blog planning, my Sandringham for course info and notes, my Filofax notebook as my blog notebook and my Uglydori for everything else.

I am sure the other girls are probably far more organised than I am at the moment 🙂

For a look at their set up please visit the links below.

Joanna’s Planner

Ugly Bug Plans

A Life Lived In Words

The Vintage Planner

Planner Montannah

Ska Lovin’ Geek

My Chaotically Eclectic Life

The Scrapbook Girl

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


My Week #9 (Feb 27th – Mar 5th)

Hey Everyone, 

For my decor this week I am using a kit which I received from UglyBugPlans as I was the 666th customer and got the kit as a reward.

The kit was something which I would have bought anyway because’s only a Super’freakin’natural kit!  That’s right..a kit for my favourite programme.

I also got the matching magnetic clips to go with it which I am extremely grateful for.

The kit is as always extremely good quality, I’m not a stranger to Michelle’s products having been on her design team previously.
My Mini HP:) 

My Domino soft blog planner.

There are loads of stickers left which I am saving to use in the Uglydori I ordered and cannot wait to arrive! 

For more of Michelle’s products visit her shop linked above.

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x

Filofax Domino Soft Review

Hey Everyone, 
Well…Filofax only went and released a new Domino in a really soft leather look. 

I couldn’t resist and ordered myself the light pink. 

It took 2 days to arrive and I have to say I am really impressed. 

The feel of it is amazing in your hands and the colour is subtle and very delicate.

I’ve had an original Domino before and liked it. However, this is so much nicer. 

The pockets are deep enough to store things in and although it doesn’t have little card pockets the secretarial pockets are great.

It came with a full set of 2017 inserts, notepaper, to-do lists, a plastic wallet and a ruler. It also is available in Pocket or Personal size 

The only downside for me are the 2017 inserts as the quality is very thin and they put so much writing all over them they are a bit of a nightmare to decorate and the pen ghosts quite badly if you don’t use a biro style.

The planner itself more than makes up for it though. It’s perfect for blog planning as my Hobbycraft planner wasn’t working for me without a desk.

Here are some pics:) 

You can purchase one from the Filofax website.

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x

Filofax Notebook Review

Hey Everyone, 

About a week ago I was talking to a friend about how much she loved the Filofax notebook range. Out of curiosity I went and ordered myself one. My blog notebook hasn’t been working for me as it’s quite rigid to use so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to invest in something I can use time and time again. I ordered from eBay for less than £9.

When it arrived despite all the good reviews I had heard I wasn’t expecting it to be as nice as it is. I ordered the butterfly design which is really pretty. The covers are extremely sturdy and well wearing and the pages can be removed and added in the same way you use a disc planner like the Happy Planner.

It came with dividers, not particularly my colour or that matched the notebook but again great quality and the first one has an in-built pocket which I have decorated. 

The best bit however is the paper quality, it is amazing. Thick and smooth it’s really nice to write on, it just highlights futher how lacking Filofax planner inserts are. The notebook also comes with full lined inserts and a sample pack of 4 sheets of graph and plain paper.

Filofax have just released a new pastels range as well which are gorgeous and the dividers match. Currently these are only available on the official site and are around £12.99 each.

Below you can see some pictures of mine. I’m loving using it and would highly recommend them, they would be great for bullet journaling also.

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 


Hobbycraft Geometric Planner Review

Hey Everyone. 

Everyone went a bit barmy earlier this year when Hobbycraft released a range of Planners.

For £12 I thought it was definitely worth a look so after much deliberation I ordered the Geometric planner.

I was actually really surprised and happy when it came. It’s very pretty but the best thing is the quality of it. The paper is beautiful and thick. 

I am using this as a blog planner. As the pages are already decorated it means it serves an entirely functional purpose as I don’t feel the need to decorate it.

The layout is not like anything I’ve seen before in a planner which makes it really unique. There is room for ideas, notes, to do lists, goals, a monthly overview and a week on 2 pages.

It also has an internal pocket on the inside cover and comes with 3 sheets of coordinating stickers. 

Overall I’m really impressed with it. I have started using it as I plan my blog posts in advance.

I am determined to stick with it for the entire year this time.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x