Writing Prompt #6 – Diary

750 Words. Flash Fiction.


Dear Diary,

Well what a shit day it has been today. Lee decided that we should not be together anymore. He reckons his girlfriend is suspicious of his behaviour. So she should be the stupid cow! He had ended it before but this time feels different. I haven’t told him about the baby. I haven’t told anyone. I’m 15 years old ffs. My mother is going to go crazy when she finds out. No way am I having an abortion. Not going to happen. Why is everything going so wrong. I wish I’d never met him, I don’t even know if I loved him. Arrogant arsehole! I’m going to go eat some pizza and watch Pitch Perfect, that’ll cheer me up.


Dear Diary

It’s been a while I know but man I have been so poorly. My mum thinks I have had non stop stomach bugs. She even took me to the Doctor who thinks I have something called IBS and certain foods are making me ill. I have a small bump now which is getting harder to hide. I have been saving for the last few months. The pleasure of having a rich family means lots of money available. I am going to run away. I saw Lee a Month ago. He had me against a tree, I missed his touch but he said it was a mistake, I still didn’t tell him about the baby. The sex made me feel good for a while anyway.


Dear Diary

Today is the day! I’m leaving! Packed all my stuff and bought a tent. Not sure where I will go but I’m 16 tomorrow. Legally I am good and being pregnant I look older. I will go see a Dr when I get to where I am going.

06. 5. 17

Dear Diary

I am massive. Took me a while to write again as life got busy. I am staying in a town many miles from where I was. I have a little bedsit and part-time job in a cafe. I have seen the Dr and Midwives. The baby is due around 15th June. Not long to go now. I ran my mum told her I was pregnant and not coming back. She hung up on me and called me a disgrace. Least I know she won’t argue to have me back. I started buying bits of baby stuff. People here have been really helpful with things. An old lady Elsie lives next door and she has knit me alsorts of baby stuff and bought a crib. Maybe life won’t be so bad.


Dear Diary

My life is amazing. I had a baby girl, her name is Elizabeth and she weighed 5lb 3oz. She was so small. I have never felt anything like this. I want to protect her forever. I ran my mum to tell her my news but she wasn’t interested. I don’t understand it, now I’m a mother I couldn’t imagine ever shunning Elizabeth. 

I am allowed to go back to my cafe job in a few months. I’ll need the money. They said I can take the baby with me so I don’t have to find childcare. They gave me £1000 when she was born to help out. These people are like a second family. I hope when my angel gets older she finds friends like this. Who needs family.

Thanks for reading 

Emma-Louise x


Kate Spade 2017 Gold Dotted Agenda

With the launch of the new business came the need for a new planner.

I really wanted something small and light to pop in my bag so that I have something with me at all times for anything that comes up.

I was certain I did not want a ring planner or traveler’s notebook so i looked into coiled planners.

As it turned out a friend of mine was wanting to get rid of her Kate Spade agenda that hadn’t been used. So we did a swap. My Heidi Swapp for her Kate Spade.

I have to say I really really like it. It’s so much simpler than all the planners i have. It’s a few note pages, monthly overview and week on 2 page weekly layout. The design is elegant and simple. Perfect for what I was looking for.

As you can see from the pictures there is also a little double sided pocket at the front, perfect for a little stash of stickers or anything else you may need to keep hold of.

The pages are smooth and excellent quality. I love the layout and for a change do not feel like I need to decorate them, which admittedly I do feel is a need rather than desire in most cases these days (my mind doesn’t like naked pages much anymore lol).

Overall I am really impressed with this little planner.

Would definitely get another one next year.

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x

A5 Everyday Planner Set-Up


For those who have read my previous posts you are well aware I have so much love for my personal purple Malden. I’ve been using this as my main planner now since August, and personal size for over a year.

However I was feeling the need to change it up, go bigger. I may not have a busy life but as I didn’t want to crowd my pages I wouldn’t note a lot of things. The a5 allows me to write down everything I want to write down without feeling page clutter.

I decided to use my a5 pink Carpe Diem. I do have the new Ballerina Carpe Diem on pre-order and will swap to that in August if I am still happy using the A5 size.

I’m quite happy with this decision as I adore the Carpe inserts and they were just sat unused. I also don’t feel the need to decorate as much with these are they are pretty enough without additional decor.

I have added more sections than the Carpe originally comes with buy adding tabs along the top which then just leaves the side tabs for months.

The sections I have currently are:
* Account and Reference Numbers
* Incomings and Outgoings
* Contacts
* Notes
* To-Do
* Expenses
* April – December

I then have 2 plastic zipped wallets and a cardboard folder wallet.

Please find pictures of my current set up below.









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Processed with VSCO with g3 preset



Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed a look around my planner:)

The Stationery Geekette x

20 Uses For Your Planner

Quite often in different Facebook groups and among friends I have been asked or seen the question asked “What do you do with your planner?”

There are so many different uses for a planner, it doesn’t have the be the traditional way. One of the best things about planners are their customisability. You can make it whatever you need it to be.

Below you will find a list of the most common 20 uses of a planner.

  1. Diary and/or Calender
  2. Lists – To-Do, Shopping etc
  3. Gratitude Journal
  4. Faith Journal
  5. Art Journal
  6. Project Planner
  7. Blog Planner
  8. Food Diary
  9. Meal Planner
  10. Health and Fitness Tracker
  11. Finances
  12. Contacts
  13. Penpal Tracker
  14. Journal
  15. Household Planner -Children, Chores, Finances, Appointments etc
  16. Study Planner
  17. Work Planner
  18. Pets and Animal Planner
  19. Reading Planner
  20. Christmas Planner

Whatever you use your planner for just remember it is yours, no-one else’s. So make it what you want it to be. Mix it up, Make it shine! 😀

The Stationery Geekette x