Family Planning

No matter the size or age of your family, there is often a lot to remember when it comes to family life. Things such as bill dates and amounts, birthdays, anniversaries, school holidays, events etc. I have always had issues on this front as I hadn’t wanted to use a standard planner to map out my entire family plans.

A planner friend of mine gifted me a family planning calendar which she had got attending a planner event and wouldn’t use herself.

Well, it has worked wonders for getting us all organised. I have a partner and 3 children, each of us have a lot going on so this is an easy way for us to get updated on what is going on for the month. My partner loves the fact I put bin days on because he can never remember which bin goes out when lol.

The Calendar

It is called the Busy B Family Calendar and it has all 12 months listed as well as pockets in each month.


It has 6 columns, I use one per member of the family and then one for birthdays and UK holidays . It has a little ribbon you can thread through each month to have it open and hanging on a wall. I have mine in the kitchen as it’s the most frequented room.

I use the little wallet at the bottom to store any bills, letters or school things which I need to deal with and I have a little stash of sticky notes to pop anything down that may need future planning to pop in the correct month as I only set this up monthly.

All in all this is a fantastic little calendar. It does exactly what I need it to do, nothing more and nothing less. I find it easy to see and to keep track of things as do my children and my partner.

There is a part for future planning when you first open it but I don’t use this as I find it easier just to use the sticky notes but that is of course entirely your decision, you may find the built in system much better.

You can you a copy here and it’s currently only £4.99

Thanks for reading

Emma-Louise x

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