Family Planning

No matter the size or age of your family, there is often a lot to remember when it comes to family life. Things such as bill dates and amounts, birthdays, anniversaries, school holidays, events etc. I have always had issues on this front as I hadn't wanted to use a standard planner to map out … Continue reading Family Planning


6 Month Plannerversary!

Hey Everyone, Now this may not seem like a huge thing to most people but for us planner gals and guys spending 6 months in one planner is quite an achievement. You see, many of us suffer from what is known as Magpie Syndrome. This is when we spend lots of money on new and … Continue reading 6 Month Plannerversary!

My Current WIP Set-Up {A5 Uglydori Traveler’s Notebook}

Hey Everyone, Today I have a lovely crossover post for you. It involves planners and writing, two of my favourite things. I recently took part in a planner swap and I got this absolutely gorgeous A5 Uglydori from Uglybug Traveler's Notebooks. The size meant it was perfect to set up for my current work-in-progress and … Continue reading My Current WIP Set-Up {A5 Uglydori Traveler’s Notebook}