The Little Book of Dread: Journaling with Negative Emotions

Today I’d like to talk to you about the benefits of journaling with Negative Emotions. Quite often we see posts about the positivity of journaling. Mostly memory journals, project life and posts that always end in some sort of positive outcome. 

However, if you are like me sometimes life just feels really unfair, overwhelming or damn right shit. 

I have a little journal which I call my Little Book of Dread. I keep it separately from everything else and don’t write in it daily. When I do write in it though I unleash all my anger, sadness and hate for whatever it is at the time. I scream at the page with my frustrations. Scribble, swear and have tear drops all over. I don’t care. This journal is never going to be seen by anyone else. This is my journal of true and honest feeling. 

I am only human and yes I know it’s great to try and look at every silver lining etc but sometimes I don’t want too. Sometimes I feel like enough is enough and why me?

Everyone feels like that but not many will admit it because we think it makes us selfish, it makes people pity us. It makes us feel weak. At least that’s how I often feel. I’m a pretty strong outgoing person but I can only tolerate so much.

There are benefits to this sort of journaling. 

1) A problem shared is a problem halved. This way it’s shared judgement free.

2) You can be brutal and honest with yourself and about others.

3) It helps you to de-stress and feel less overwhelmed.

4) You can tell it your deepest darkest secret and learn a lot about yourself in the process.

5) It can leave you exhausted but in the best way. 

6) It leaves you feeling much lighter, like you don’t have to carry that burden around with you.

7) You can unleash your inner crazy voice, this is great since as it’s generally not appropriate to do that in public.

If you haven’t tried this yourself I would highly recommend it. The process is very cathartic. I’ve even gone so far as to burn the book when it’s full, and it really does feel good. Like letting good of everything that’s tried to break you.

Give it a go you won’t regret it. Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


2017 Blog Schedule

Hey Everyone, 
A few months ago I posted my proposed blog schedule which was working really well.

As such there will be very little change with the new year.

Monday – Planner Girls Collective. This is the formally known as Confessions Of A Plannerholic. We decided a name change was in order given that our posts can vary even though they primarily focus on Stationery and Planners.

Tuesday – Stationery/Planner orientated post. This could be reviews, unboxings, set-ups etc.

Wednesday – Book Review. This one speaks for itself. I will review a book on this day.

Thursday – This will vary between TSG Shop updates and any other relevant information you need to know.

Friday – Productivity Friday. Where I will share hints, tips and sources for a more productive lifestyle.

Saturday – Book review, TBR lists and anything else book orientated.

Sunday – My weekly spread and DT package unboxing.

Blog Tours and Blitz’s will be posted on any day of the week however it won’t effect the normal schedule so there maybe 2 posts on some days. (Unless they fall on a Wednesday or Saturday). 

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x

Guest Post Shout Out

Hey Everyone! 
Lately I have taken part in a couple of Guest posts for other blogs (which I will link to when published) and it’s given me the idea to host a few guest posts also.

If anyone would be interested in writing a post for The Stationery Geekette then please get in touch.

There are a wide variety of topics available so there will be something to suit everyone.

What I will be asking is that you write a post on an agreed topic and include links where is necessary. 

What I will do is check over the post and links and then upload it to my site along with your blog and social media details.

Should this be something you are interested in please drop me a comment below or send me an email at 

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Blog Content Update!

Hey Everyone! 

So…this post is basically a run down of all the things I have coming up over the next month when it comes to content. I won’t go into specifics but you’ll get the gyst of things.

First of all I will be continuing my book reviews. I also have some which link to an author signing events I attended and Giveaways for a signed copies of the books in question. 

My Stationery / Planner related posts will focus a little more on some of the small businesses which I have purchased from.

I will be starting a new blog series about effective planning methods, efficient target planning and other productivity related posts.

The site itself will undergo a few changes. I am re-categorising to make content more slimlined and easier to navigate, I’ll be updating my personal about me and info section as well.

The Confessions posts will continue to run as our schedule takes us up to mid-December as it stands.

I am also going to be featuring a few Guest Posts from some of my favourite bloggers which I am excited about and you will see a post explaining how to become one if you are interested.

In the meantime if you are interested in finding out about the Guest posts or want to take part in the Confessions link up then feel free to drop me comment below or email me on 

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 

My Quote Insert

Quotes often carry with them some personal connection, something that resonates with you on a deeper level.

I have always scribbled quotes down in my planners and sometimes I end up losing them or they are not all kept collectively together. 

I decided the best way to record my favourite quotes would be to have an insert in my Traveler’s Notebook dedicated purely to them.

I have used washi and watercolours to make the page pop a little more but I’m really happy with how it is going so far. Now all I need to do is refer to this when I want to read something inspiring.

Do you have any favourite quotes?
Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 

Gisborough Priory Project

Part of my 6 Months To Change My Life goals was to become more social and get involved more.
Recently I applied for a voluntary position with the Gisborough Priory Project to become a Custodian (Open and shut the site, welcome guests, deal with queries etc). I was really happy when they accepted my application.

Gisborough Priory is one of my favourite places so to be able to spend time there while providing a service was something that made me really happy.

So what is Gisborough Priory Project? 

Well it is a group of volunteers who are committed to the managing and upkeep of Gisborough Priory and the surrounding woodland gardens. English Heritage own the site of the Priory and Gisborough Priory Project own the Woodland gardens, but they manage both sites.

The Priory of St Mary as it’s officially known was dissolved in April 1540 during the reign of Henry VIII and currently the east end and other parts remain.

The woodland gardens include what is known as the Monk’s Walk which is lined with beautiful 200+ yr old trees that tower above.

The restoration of the Woodland gardens over recent years has been astonishing. It is such a beautiful place to come whether you are a child wanting to sit in the wood carved Thrones made from fallen trees and see the Bug hotel, a couple wanting a romantic walk, alone for some soul searching or as a family.

I could easily spend every day there. My children have all known this place from been young, when we use to come for picnics during the summer months and I still take them and my youngest frequently.

There is little funding for the Project so it does rely heavily on volunteers and donations.

It does not cost to visit the Priory and is open Wednesday to Sunday 10am until 4pm and Bank Holidays.

If you are in the area I would highly recommend a visit. There are also events held there too such as Summer Sound, Outdoor Theatre,  Halloween children events and Teddy Bears picnics.

Here are some pictures of the Priory and Gardens.

If you’d like to find out more information on how to volunteer, donate or see more history please see the website for details.

Gisborough Priory Project

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Creative Journaling in my Travelers Notebook


I have always wanted to start creative journaling but due to my perfectionist issues I have put it off.

However after watching some YouTube videos from Geraldine Jayne I decided that I was going to give it a whirl.

As it turns out I absolutely love it. Every planner I own is functional so I have decided the Websters TN will be for my creative endeavours.

Creative Journaling is such much fun and I really feel it’s good for the mind and soul. I’m exploring different materials to use and techniques to try.

I’ve even found that I am more aware of my surroundings,  everything I look at is an opportunity to include in my creative journal.

I’ve even added things like watercolour paint, leaves, photos etc.
There is no definitive way to get started, everyone’s journal is unique.

I’ve now found other YouTubers to follow as they have some great ideas, tips and trick. Anna Brim and My Green Cow are two of them, along with Geraldine.

Here are some photo’s of my progress so far.






Do you have a creative journal and find it therapeutic? If not but you think it is something you’d enjoy I’d definitely try it 🙂

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Future Planning and Weekly Checklist


Everybody loves to save time, in a society that is constantly looking to be productive and organised there are always tips and tricks to minimise the time we spend doing the tasks we need to get through each week.

I am one of these people, even though I am not currently working I am always on the lookout for ways to be productive with the time I do have.

I rarely get any time to myself and when I do it’s usually spent planning the next day, week ahead, on my blog, reading etc. I like to try and get as much done within that time as I possibly can otherwise it can be a good few days before I get any more time (toddlers are soooo demanding).

Well I thought I would share with you some of my tips and tricks when it comes to planning productivity and my weekly task checklist to ensure I have those little things accounted for.

When it comes to planning there are a few things which I like to do in advance.

1) Decoration – I always decorate 4 weeks at a time. I like to know that everything is ready to use as and when it maybe needed. Some people may not like this as decorating weekly is part of their planning process however I leave my blog planner to do weekly but always pre-decorate my everyday. It’s one less thing for me to worry about.

2) Schedule Tasks – Once I have decorated my 4 weeks I then go through and add in any birthdays, appointments, calls, emails that are upcoming and I schedule in all my tasks such as laundry, rubbish, ironing, hoovering etc. I have a housework schedule that rarely differs week to week so it’s easy enough to do.

3)  Monthly Goals – At this point I usually write up my goals for the next month ahead. What I want to have achieved when it comes to doing my next set of weeklies. This is also handy to look back on to see where you may have failed, mistakes you’ve made and what you’ve learnt

So there are my top top 3 future planning tips.

Each week however I have checklist which I like to do through to ensure that some actions are taken care of but the days can differ week to week.


My weekly checklist consists of;

1) Scheduling ‘me’ time – I have to do this to ensure that I remember to look after myself. If I didn’t I’d end up doing housework or things for other people. I also use this time for blog planning, decorating and other planner goodness.

2) Schedule ‘miscellaneous’ time – This is just time where I plan not to plan. This for anything that may pop up that needs dealing with quickly that couldn’t be planned. This to to try and maximise productivity with my other tasks and minimise distractions.

3) Weekly To-Do List – This is pretty self explanatory. I list all the tasks I want done for the week and then prioritise the top 3-5 that are essential.

4) Menu Planning and Shopping List – I don’t plan my meals in advance for each day, instead what I do is write down 7 meals that I want for that week and just tick off which I have when I have them. That way I can be a bit more flexible with how I feel on that day. I also write a shopping list to correspond to what I need.

5) Theme My Days – This is an idea which was originally from Alexis over on Strange And Charmed and it’s very simple and rather brilliant.
Plan your days tasks according to their category, for example; do all house work in the same day, all paperwork in the same day etc. This maximises your focus and makes productivity higher.

There you have it, how I future plan and weekly plan.

If you have any tips or tricks I’d love to know them. I am always looking for ways to improve my process.

Thanks for reading

The Stationery Geekette x

My E-Learning Guide


With the dawning of technology came many ways in which one can expand their knowledge base using free online courses.

I am a huge fan of these free courses and have previously partaken in many of them.

There are so many institutions that offer these courses however for today I aim to focus on my top 3.

1) Coursera – This is probably my favourite. It takes courses that are offered via many different institutions. You can pay to get a certificate however you do get a completetion certificate without paying.

Usually lessons are released weekly and have some sort of ‘homework’ that go with them or tests to complete.

The support you get with these courses is amazing. Not only do you get to have a lot of peer to peer support via forums and community boards but you can post directly to the course leader or their assistant.

The first course I completed with Coursera was called Presumed Innocent: The Social Science Of Wrongful Convinction which was via Pennsylvania State University.
I loved this course. I printed out the module guide, read many of the recommended texts and got really involved in the community boards. I passed with distinction and while I didn’t earn a qualification I certainly gained new insights which were invaluable.

The range of courses is extremely varied and there is something for everyone and I would highly recommend them.

Courses I am currently enrolled on with Coursera are:
~Introduction to International Criminal Law
~ Revolutionary Ideas: utility, Justice,  Equality, Freedom.
~ Economic Growth and Distributive Justice Part 1 – The Role Of The State.

Link to the site Coursera

2) Edx – I’m currently studying a course with Edx and from what I have experienced the majority of lessons are via video rather than paper/typed format.

I am enjoying the course but don’t find it as interactive as Coursera. The content was already all published too which means I do not have to wait for weekly releases.
I can’t comment as to what happens when you complete the course as I am part way through.
The content is varied like Coursera and have 100’s to chose from, and appear to be different from the ones offered by Coursera.

The course also supplies a further reading guide which I always enjoy.

Courses I am currently enrolled on with Edx are:
~ The Psychology Of Criminal Justice
~ Jury X: Deliberation For Social Change

Link to the site Edx

3) Open University – The free courses by OU are versions of their paid courses. More like a short course. Mostly just text lessons,  there are no tests, homework or anything with these. It is purely information. Like Edx the course content is all there ready so you can work through it at your own pace.

At the end there is nothing provided other than references and further reading.

The selection of courses is not as broad as with Coursera and Edx but the quality is just as good.
These are great courses if you are short on time or want to top of your knowledge about something you’ve already studied.

I’ve completed a few courses via OU now, the latest was Criminology Beyond Crime and I really enjoyed it. I have found more courses for my speciality via OU than the others but that is mainly because it is UK based only and therefore more relevant.

Courses I am currently enrolled on with Open University are:
~ Children’s Rights
~ Reading Evidence
~ Psychology in the 21st Century
~ Human Rights and Law
~ Forensic Psychology
~ The USA, Power and International Order
~ Introduction to Cyber Security
~ Crimes of the Powerful
~ Rights ane Justice in International Relations

Link to the site OpenLearn

So there we have it. I highly recommend any of these 3 e-course providers. When knowledge comes free it would be silly to waste it.

Thanks for reading

The Stationery Geekette x