It’s A Family Thing: Jay-Jay And The Carnival by Sue Wickstead

Hey Everyone. Today Alexis and I have a review of another one of Sue Wickstead children’s books. This on is called Jay-Jay And The Carnival.

Alexis and I have been lucky enough to receive all the Jay-Jay books from Sue. Alexis really enjoys reading them and seeing the adventures that Jay-Jay goes on.

Jay-Jay and the Carnival was not any different, she really enjoyed it, particularly commenting on the fact that Jay-Jay had undergone a make over and was ‘bright orange’.

The story as always was entertaining and didn’t drag which held Alexis’s attention, something extremely difficult for any 3 year old to do.

We would highly recommend the Jay-Jay books for children. They are bright, colourful and fun. Great enjoyment. You can purchase a copy here on Amazon UK.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

4 thoughts on “It’s A Family Thing: Jay-Jay And The Carnival by Sue Wickstead

  1. A busy day at school visiting a year 5 class. It was so nice to come home and see the cheery smile…… It made me smile.
    So glad you enjoyed the story book.
    When you are 3 you certainly need time to read with mummy and it is obvious that Alexis loves her reading.
    Thanks for the review Emma! (and Alexis!

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