A Tale of Stars and Shadow by Lisa Cassidy

Today I have a review for A Tale of Stars and Shadow by Lisa Cassidy. I would like to thank Rachel and Lisa for giving me this opportunity.


…’Burn bright and true’…

Dumnorix princess and born warrior, Talyn Dynan was the finest fighter of her generation. With her Callanan partner at her side, she was invincible, reckless, a death-knell to their enemies. But after her partner is torn away from her, Talyn is left broken, wracked with guilt and unable to regain the confidence she once had. Could an unexpected mission to the mysterious country of Mithranar, home of the magical winged folk, be the thing that saves her?

The Shadowhawk lives a life in the shadows. Constantly hunted for his criminal exploits, yet desperate to help the human folk of Mithranar who are oppressed by their winged folk rulers, he haunts the streets of Dock City. The arrival of a foreign warrior threatens to upset the carefully balanced life he leads, but when she begins to offer a hope for the humans he’s only ever dreamed of, can he risk trusting her?

And unbeknownst to both, a mysterious foe stalks the dark corners of Dock City. One that answers to a single purpose…



I had not heard of Lisa Cassidy until this blog tour came up. Reading the blurb I was extremely interested in it. The story sounded right up my alley.

I really enjoyed reading this. I have to admit it started a bit rough, I felt like that author had put too much detail in the first chapter and I was a bit bombarded with information about a new world and new people. However, that soon changed and the story settled into itself and set a fantastic pace.

I love love love the characters, all of them are written so well from the main character of Talyn to the menacing Prince of Night. What added to these wonderous characters was the amazing backdrop of Dock City and the Citadel. Lisa has created a world full of darkness and light, with vivid description and world bulding you really get the sense that you can see yourself there. Lisa has not only created this world full of imagery she has included a very politically strained one which plays heavily into the plot and story without been overbearing. And that ending! WHAT! that’s all I am saying about that!!!!

To say that I am eagerly waiting book 2 is an understament. I have already signed up to her website and downloaded the maps of the world which I have read about and I plan to get a hold of her previous series because she is a cracking writer.

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Amazon UShttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S1FK3DH

Barnes and Noblehttps://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-tale-of-stars-and-shadow-lisa-cassidy/1131310191?ean=9780995358997

Book Depository –https://www.bookdepository.com/Tale-Stars-Shadow-Lisa-Cassidy/9780995358997?ref=grid-view&qid=1560847146951&sr=1-1

About Lisa Cassidy

Living in Australia’s capital, I’m a self-published author who mostly sticks to novel-length fantasy but occasionally likes to break out with short stories on random things like unicorns and ninjas. When I’m not writing, you might catch me enthusiastically spectating a basketball game (#NewYorkKnick for life!), reading a tonne of books, or…who am I kidding? I spend a lot of time writing!

All four books in my debut YA fantasy series – The Mage Chronicles – are  available for purchase, and I debuted a brand new series – A Tale of Stars and Shadow – in June 2019.

Whenever you buy a copy of one of my books, you”ll be helping to support One Girl. One Girl is committed to educating 1 million girls across Africa, and I’m SUPER excited to contribute to this vision. Together we’re changing the world, one girl at a time.

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