Writing Prompt #1

Over in my favourite writing group one of the lovely Admin set us a challenge. To write a shirt piece of flash fiction under 800 words using the above prompt.

I wrote a piece just over 400 words (407).

It’s unedited and I didn’t think about what I wrote. I didn’t have any idea where I was going with it but I enjoyed it non the less.

Here is what I wrote.

Stillness…it crept around him. Paranoia seeped into his bones. He couldn’t her her, he felt her. A chill ran up his spine, the hairs on his arms stood on end. 

Paranoid is what they had called him. Delusional and paranoid. He wasn’t. He sensed the eyes around him. He felt the breath on his neck when he laid in bed in the dark. 

He knew they were there. Her in particular. She scared him but soothed him. He knew she whispered to him in the dead of the night. He knew it was her moving things around his room. Why didn’t she show herself? 

He believed in them, the pixies. He knew they existed. His grandmother had told him when he was younger. His sister just thought they were fairy tales told by a Kooky old lady but he knew better. He’d seen the light in her eyes.

They were there now, in the dark. He didn’t dare move, he didn’t want to scare them.

He whispered “I know you are there. I can sense you.  Please don’t hide”

He heard tiny footsteps running. His heart sunk, they were leaving him again.

All of a sudden the lamp flicked on. He moved his head slowly to where it sat on the bedside table.

There she was, facing her back to him. He moved forward slowly. Edging closer. She turned, slowly.

He screamed! He didn’t expect her to look like that. Her head bigger than her body, her face distorted like a crazed beast in a horror book. Her mouth, wide…sharp pointed teeth smiled at him. She hissed.

“Aren’t you glad you wanted to see us now?

He stood shaking, shock registered on his face. Delayed his reaction to run, to hide. A minute or two passed by, his nerve to leave lessened with each second.

He must be crazy, he took a step towards her. She sneered but didn’t make a move towards him.

Was he suppose to fear her? She looked as if she should be feared but she gave off an aura that told him he was safe.

He took more steps towards her so he was at the bedside table.

She looked at him, her eyes sad. He held out the palm of his hand and she walked onto it. 

“I won’t hurt you, if you won’t hurt me” the Pixie said.

He replied “I never want to hurt you, you’re safe with me

Thanks for reading and if you fancy also using this prompt I’d love for you to link me your writing . 

The Stationery Geekette x


First Paragraph – My Fantasy Novel

First Paragraph.png

This is a slightly different post from me. I am very nervous about posting this as I am extremely self critical. However, I have decided to put myself out there as even criticism will help me grow. So here we go, this is the first paragraph or two of my novel. Bare in mind this is completely unedited.

‘She stood in the carpark chewing her lip ring, still so new it caused pain. Pain, which was a welcome distraction to the rising nausea in the pit of her stomach. Around her noises sounded amplified, she knew this was a necessity, it was important.

Every step towards the ticket booth made her feel trapped in a cage, a cage that was getting smaller and smaller. Her brow was sweaty, her hands clammy and the contents of her stomach threatened to make an appearance’

Thank you for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

July Writing Challenges


July Writing Challenges

I have a different sort of post for you today. I may have mentioned it briefly before but I am writing a book, well 2 actually but only 1 is my current main focus.

To help me get to grips with it a little more I am taking part in some July challenges.

The first challenge is NaNoWriMo July.

Instead of the usual target of 50k words I have lowered it to 10k. I have attempted to do NaNoWriMo before but always failed, I think this is because the word count was just to unacheivable for me..

There is a book group I am part of on Facebook which have a writer’s group and there are also some from there taking part so the extra support will be great.

For more information on NaNoWriMo you can find it here.

The Facebook group I mentioned is called The Fiction Cafe. Feel free to add yourself.


My second challenge for July is a Project for 1 Book July.

I am doing option 3 – #GoBigOrGoHome.

For this I have chosen to use my 1 book to write an outline for my novel. I am going to work through a workbook which accompanies a book I recently read along with 2 other books by the same author.

The workbook can be found here

You can find more about One Book July here


My last challenge is just a simple one for myself.

I am going to write for 30 minutes 3 days a week at a minumum. This is something which I feel  can easily do without committing too much of myself and my time.


This feels like the perfect time to really get ahead with my writing. I am only just into my 2nd chapter and everything is still taking shape.

You can read the first paragraph of my novel here in a previous post.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x



Book Tour: The Chataeu of Happily Ever After by Jaimie Admans

Book Review(5)

Hey everyone, today I have a review you for the book The Chateau of Happily Ever After by Jaimie Admans.


Where dreams come true…?

Wendy Clayton stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago. Instead, she has a ‘nice’ life. Nice job. Nice flat. Absolutely no men. Until her life is turned upside-down when her elderly neighbour, Eulalie, passes away and leaves her the Château of

Happily Ever Afters!

But there’s a catch: she must share the sprawling French castle with Eulalie’s long-lost nephew, Julian. And no matter how gorgeous he is, or how easily she finds herself falling head over heels, Wendy needs to find a way to get rid of him…

Because surely happily ever afters don’t happen in real life?

Escape to beautiful France this summer with this uplifting romantic comedy. Perfect for fans of Kat French, Caroline Roberts, and Holly Martin.


I am not usually a fan of chick lit novels but the pleasure of blog tours means that sometimes you get something that you wouldn’t usually pick and end up loving it. That is exactly what happened with this book.

I really enjoyed it, I was so desperate to see how things played out for Wend and Jules. Now Wendy… I am not going to lie was somewhat irritating. I found some parts of her attitude quite childish especially as things progressed with Julian.

Julian however, was charming and fun throughout the book. I really liked seeing their relationship grow. The way they interact with each other shows how much they like each other.

I really loved to see how they uncover the gems of the chateau and the stories that people had to tell about it.

In the real world we would all love to have this situation happen to us, unfortunately, we rarely will so this is the next best way to live that dream.

I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

To purchase a copy of the book you can do so here on Amazon UK.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Tour Banner(1)

Business Planner Set-Up 


I made the decision to change my business lately and discovered that I really needed an active business planner. I won this beautiful A5 Finsbury Filofax from a raffle in a group and it was the perfect size for what I needed.

I found these really cute printables on Etsy that seemed to encompass all the little things I would need.

The printables are from PaperScribblesCo 

As you can see they work perfectly and have made my business run much smoother.



I am really happy with how this is working for me, and it helps that is seriously pretty:)

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Blog Tour: He Made Me by Oliver Tidy {Review}

He Made Me - Oliver Tidy


David Booker and Jo Cash are experiencing similar stuttering starts to their new lives on Romney Marsh when Rebecca Swaine turns up seeking help. Someone is demanding a lot of money from her husband and she wants to know why.

What do the dying words of one man – he made me – actually mean?

As the mystery unfolds people will come undone and reputations will be ruined before the answer becomes clear.

At the end of the day Mrs Swaine might end up wishing she’d let sleeping dogs lie…


I have never read one of the Booker and Cash novels previously. I was ensured that this 2nd book in the series could be read as a standalone.

I have to say it was a quick and enteraining read. It was fine as a standalone however, the background to Cash and Booker’s relationship would have been nice to have first.

While I enjoyed the book I did find the pacing somewhat slow and therefore it failed to keep me captivated for long.

There is a hint of a possible romance in future books between the main characters but other than that nothing really happens between them.

All in all it was a decent read. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

You can find a copy of He Made Me here

For more information on Oliver Tidy you can visit his website here


Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x



SecretDiaryCo Travelers Notebook {Review and Set-Up}

You know I love nice pretty planners. Well, I was really excited when a friend of mine decided to start making and selling traveler’s notebooks.

I was lucky enough to receive a really nice surprise that she had made for me in my favourite colours.

I was surprised at just how big this was. It is an A6 size but it fits so much. I have set it up as a writing planner while I work on my novel.

There are two really nice large pockets in it and unlike a standard design TN it is a trifold with a popper opening. Just look at the rose gold metalwork!

Here Are some more beautiful pics of my set up.

The beautiful vellum dashboard is from FabPlannerPrint and the paperclip are from Notes and Clips.

To order one of Sarah’s amazing TN’s or one of her monthly TN Planner Kits then you can visit her website here.

You can also use the following code for a nifty little discount.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Blog Tour: Under A Tuscan Sky by Karen Aldous {Extract}

Hey everyone. Today I have an extract for you for the novel Under The Tuscan Sky by Karen Aldous.


It was so much more than an image. Olivia Montague’s finger stroked the ageing photograph of the elderly couple gazing, not at the camera, but intensely at one another even after all those years. And even in sepia tones, glints of love and passion sparkled in their eyes. Olivia’s skin prickled looking at them standing huddled among the vines, their chemistry radiating from the now dulled, once glossy paper almost as if it were present in her Bermondsey sitting room.

More significantly for Olivia, her Italian grandparents represented family – solid, the roots of her being, an impenetrable foundation. Nonna Elena and Nonno Angelo had such adoration for each other, just like her mother and father in those brief years before her father’s death.

She picked up the other photograph her mum had given her just before Nonna’s funeral. The one in colour, two sunburned hippies blazoning sun-bleached hair against a lapis blue sky and pink sand, eyes lost in one another. So much longing and love dazzling between them. Sadness gripped Olivia’s throat. Was it real or was she imagining it? Was it an Italian gene that had by-passed her? Why couldn’t she have that love? She and Will Parks had never looked at one another like that.

Lowering the image, she glanced up, her eyes seemingly fixed on wooden shutters encasing the bay window, but they stared vacantly, imagining the inscription on her headstone.

‘Sadly, she was never loved, nor could ever love.’

In her mind a sinkhole appeared, a huge void spreading fifty feet or more on a wild meadow splashed with blue crocuses and daisies. Sliding into it was Nonna, Nonno, her mum and dad, her gran, grandad, Will. Then her. She lurched violently forward then quickly grabbed a long twine, then clutching tufts of long grass and a thread of tangleweed, she scrambled on her knees to save herself.

On her knees on the bank, she twisted herself reaching out in the hope one of them would be close enough to pull her to safety. Instead she watched each slowly sink into the blackness, tumbling in different directions, not one of them reaching for her. It was a nightmare imitating life, reinforcing the abandonment she constantly felt: that hollow space she’d locked inside her that no one could or would want to fill. Even Will.

The image played repeatedly during the night and the following morning whilst she was on her run. As she was drinking cold water and black coffee in Starbucks afterwards, her phone pinged. A message from Will saying he would be back from football about seven. A sigh escaped her as she slid the screen back and stuffed the phone back in her pocket. At the tables surrounding her, young couples and family groups seemed to be looking on with pity.

‘Of course I have a life,’ she screeched under her breath, pulling out her phone again and willing it to ring and hitting Chiara’s number when it didn’t. It went straight to voicemail.

The problem was, the only people she could talk to about the photos just weren’t available. Like most Saturdays, there was no Will to hang out with until later, much later, and when he was still likely to be in his football coma. Her friend Chiara would be taxiing Sophia to some activity or other.

Olivia felt she would really value another opinion right now. But no other friends knew her as well as Chiara. It was times like these when she really wished she had someone else close, particularly family, but unless she counted a runaway hippy mother somewhere in northern Italy, she was on her own.

Their last tête-à-tête ended in tears after she’d asked for help with – and invited her mother to – her Granny Nora’s funeral. Not only did the inebriated Roz tell her to pull herself together, but she also refused to come on the grounds that she’d barely known her, and couldn’t even bring herself to send a spray of flowers. Sometimes she just wished her mum could be a proper mum and at least offer a friendly ear when she needed one. She swore the woman didn’t have a heart. Olivia’s mood was sinking.

She folded her arms, hugging them in to support herself. Maybe staying at Nonna’s villa in Tuscany without Will would give her some space, a proper chance to deal with her grief, and maybe, clearing out the villa would give her the opportunity to discover more about her nonna and her mum. It was their home, and the place where her mother grew up. An insight into a woman who could abandon a child and then thrust responsibility for both grandmothers’ funerals and property on that child could prove interesting.

Trying to muster up enthusiasm for the dreaded task of sorting through Nonna’s things, Olivia opened her phone and tapped on to the newly created schedule for ‘Trip to Italy’, on her Diary app. There was so much to fit into eleven days and if Will was adamant he couldn’t make it, she had double the workload.

You can grab a copy of this book from Amazon UK

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Social Media Book Tag

Social Media Book Tag

Twitter: Your Favorite Short Book

It has to be The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S Lewis. I have loved this book since I was a child and I read it every single year at Christmas. It’s full of magic and delight.


Facebook: A Book Everyone Pressured You To Read

Everyone was and had read this when I discovered it. I kept hearing abotu how amazing it was. I had already read Throne of Glass and loved it so it was time to read this. I can’t say Iwas as impressed as everyone else however, the other 2 books in the series were much better.



Tumblr: A Book You Read Before It Was Cool

I read this when it was first released and before it’s following got as big as it is now. I didn’t like it then and really did think it was the most boring book I had ever read. I do plan to re-read it though to see if my opinion has changed.


MySpace: A Book You Don’t Remember If You Liked Or Not

Stealing Snow was an odd book. I liked it and I didn’t. Even now I am still unsure how I feel about it.


Instagram: A Book That Was So Beautiful You Had To Instagram It

I loved Wintersong. Before I had even read it I fell in love with it’s cover. I fell in love with it even more upon reading it.


YouTube: A Book You Wish Would Be Turned Into A Movie

The Roanoke Girls would make an excellent movie. I couldn’t put it down.


Goodreads: A Book You Recommend To Everyone

I adore this book and the others in the series. I would recommend it to absolutely everyone. It has every single thing you need in a book series. I am dying for the next book.



Skype: A Book With Characters You Wish You Could Talk To Instead Of Just Read About

It would be amazing to meet the characters in Alice, especially Chess. It would make an excellent dinner party!



Thank you to Debbie over at My Eclectric Reads for tagging me in this book tag.

I tag everyone else who reads this!

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Book Tour: One To Watch by Rachel Amphlett

One To Watch

Hey, Today I have a review for you from the Book Tour for One To Watch by Rachel Amphlett.


Sophie Whittaker shared a terrifying secret. Hours later, she was dead.

Detective Kay Hunter and her colleagues are shocked by the vicious murder of a teenage girl at a private party in the Kentish countryside.

A tangled web of dark secrets is exposed as twisted motives point to a history of greed and corruption within the tight-knit community.

Confronted by a growing number of suspects and her own enemies who are waging a vendetta against her, Kay makes a shocking discovery that will make her question her trust in everyone she knows.


This is the 2nd book in this 3 book (so far) series that I have read by Rachel and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot.

I didn’t even predict who the killer was which is something that hasn’t happened to me in a long time.

As usual the characters were well developed and the storyline was intriguing and entertaining.

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars and would highly recommend it to any crime lover.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x