Small Business Spotlight: FabPlannerPrint

Today I have the lovely Toni from FabPlannerPrint.
1) Tell us a little about you, who is the person behind the shop?

Hi, I’m Toni, I’m a mummy to one very active and cheeky 21 month old. I’m from Mid Wales, and absolutely love the area. I’m getting married this year to my amazing partner (he can tell the difference between a Filofax and a Kikki K, and a TN a keeper for sure) so exciting, my family knows me well as they bought me a purple A5 Malden as an engagement present to plan the wedding.  I’ve always loved planners I think my first was a filofax at the age of 13, I used to doodle all over it but it was primarily to record my nail polish collection. I’d have lots of little swatches and the names and carry it around so I didn’t buy the same polish twice.

I’ve always been creative, art and craft. I studied art throughout school and went to college and completed a fashion and clothing construction course so fabric holds a special place in my heart. Maybe I’ll do something with fabric in the shop at some point.

I started the shop to have something for me, going from working full-time to being a stay at home Mum was a shock to the system, I’m also quite shy meeting people so an online shop is perfect for me.  I never thought I’d actually sell anything and now I still can’t believe I am. I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve had in the last 8 months. I’ve made some fab friends and met so many lovely people along the way. My design team has been amazingly supportive.  I’ve been overwhelmed by how lovely the planner community is.
2) What does your store sell?

Stickers, lots of stickers. You can never have enough, right? My focus is on kits, weekly and monthly for a whole range of planners. I also do custom orders for inserts and dividers but I’m hoping to get my dividers and page markers in the shop soon.

3) Is there an item which you have made that you have loved above all others?

It’s got to be my original boho themed kits. It’s the kit in the shop that is the most ‘me’. I originally made it in the personal and happy planner size but have added to the collection now as it’s been so popular. It was the first kit I made and I love it. I’ve used it so many times in my own planners, I don’t think I’ll ever get board of it.
4) What is your most popular seller?
Ohhh there are a couple that are neck and neck, the boho mentioned above and the night sky kits are old favourites. The newer Vintage Tea party kit has been a hit. 

5) What inspired your shop name?

I’m so awful at picking names, I called on my Mum to help and she came up with FabPlannerPrint. If you knew me you’d be able to tell why in a few minutes. Everything is fab! I say it all the time. The plan originally was to offer printable items hence the print part. I’ve moved to printed stickers but still love the name.

6) What planner do you use?

Ok, you can’t have too many planners can you?
A personal planner (I change the planner quite a lot) I use this as my handbag (really a changing bag, I can’t wait to have a handbag again) planner.
A classic Happy Planner as my home planner.
A5 purple Malden is my wedding planner.
A Websters TN rose Gold as my business planner.
A mini Happy Planner is for my other business
I also have a ECLP, an A5, and am on the hunt for a large Happy Planner as I use them for the shop to do layouts and kit tests. I may also sneak some personal planning bits in them as well, can’t let those stickers go to waste.

7) What is your planning style?

It changes constantly, there has been so many life changes over the last couple of years that it needs to be updated all the time. That’s part of the fun for me as well. I always have some decoration but I love functional box stickers, washi strips any thing that will help me pack as much info  on the page as I can.

8) What are your social media channels? 

My shop Facebook group, lots of exclusive offers here as well as ooops sale packs and where you can get your hands on a loyalty card.

Facebook page


9) What is your planner ‘unicorn’

I have my unicorn! My partner picked me a personal Aqua Malden  a few years ago and it remains my favourite. I just love everything about it.

10) What is the link to your shop.



Use hello15 for 15% off a purchase over £5 (exc P&P). Valid until 24/4/17.

Thanks for reading.
The Stationery Geekette x

Book Tour: Those Who Lie by Diane Jeffrey

Those Who Lie Schedule Graphic

Today I have a book bloug tour for Those Who Lie by Diane Jeffrey.


Emily Klein doesn’t know she has killed her husband until the day of his funeral.

At first, signs point to a tragic accident. Yet, as Emily pieces together the events before his death – events which led to her own memory loss – she begins to suspect that her husband’s death may have been the result of more than a terrible twist of fate…

But the accident is only the beginning. Because while Emily’s physical scars will heal, the trauma of the accident has awakened old ghosts. She hears strange sounds, catches things that can’t possibly be there in the corner of her eye. Before long, everywhere she looks, she seems to see her husband.

And suddenly, Emily finds herself asking the most dangerous question of all.

Can she really trust herself?


This was a dramatic mystery right from the get go. Following Emily as she goes back and forward wth details she remembers and events that unfolde before and after the accident.

I didn’t really know what was going on until towards the end which made the book enjoyable. Each of the characters had their own quirks which made them a good read, especially Emily’s brother.

If you enjoy a good mystery thriller with twists and turns then this is the book for you.

To purchase Those who Lie you can do so here on Amazon UK and here on

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Planner Girls Collective: Spring Bucket List

Hey Everyone. 

Today’s Planner Girls Collective post is a look at our Spring Bucket List. 

If I’m honest I don’t have a bucket list persay, however I do have a list of sorts.

This spring is a massive spring clean for me. Since we moved from a 4 bed, 2 bath house to a small 2 up, 2 down last April we’ve been in a constant state of declutter and sort. 

We are now so close to having everything done so my ‘bucket’ list revolves around spring cleaning.

1) Sort out the shed. It’s currently full to the roof with stuff to go to the scrap yard. We want it cleared, painted and sorted. 

2) Sort out the bedroom boxes. There are still about 8 boxes in our bedroom that need sorting through, repacking, labeling and put in the attic.

3) Sort out the desk area. We currently use the desk and surrounding area as a coat and bag dump. I needs sorting and reorganising.

4) Get a coat and shoe rack. Pretty self explanatory. 

5) Sort my craft supplies. Currently all my scrapbook and craft stuff is just altogether. I want to go through and categorise everything, store it properly and label it.

So that’s the bulk of my list. I do want to work on my novel as well which I will be during NaNo month in April.

Do you have a Spring Bucket List? 

Please visit the ladies below to see what their plans are over this Spring season.

The Vintage Planner 

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My Chaotically Eclectic Life 

The Stationery Geekette x 

A-Z Book Survey

Today is something a little different. Inspired by Wonderfully Bookish I have decided to do a A-Z Book Survey.

A- Author you’ve read the most number of books from. This for me was a tie. I have read all the Harry Potter books and I have read all of the Chronicles of Narnia books. I enjoyed both throughly and they are two of my favourite series.

B – Best Sequel Ever. WHY! I can’t pick one, I just can’t. I LOVED the sequel to Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom. Right from the start it had me hooked. I cried, I laughed and I thought I may die with the twist that occurs. Secondly it would be ACOMAF (A Court of Mist and Fury). I recently finished this and I haven’t posted my review yet but eeessssh sooo damn good, I need me a Rhysand 🙂

C- Currently Reading. I am currently reading 2 books.  Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell in paperback and Shadows Of The Forest by Emma Micheals on Kindle.

D – Drink of choice while reading. Tea…it has to be tea. I have one coffee a day while I write and draft blog posts or study but I always have tea when I read. It can be standard tea, lemon and ginger, peach and orange or my fav gingerbread tea.

E – E-Reader or Physical Book. Physical book always win for me. I love the feel and smell of a book in my hand however Kindle does offer a certain amount of practicability such as space saving and easier for travel reading, or if you are like me and have to spend an hour in a dark room while you wait for your toddler to go to sleep it works amazingly well.

F – Fictional character you would have dated in high-school. Kaz Brekker….I always went for the most unobtainable boys at school. Boys who would never really care for me the way I did for them and were quite cold. Most of them troublecausers..thankfully grown-up Emma has learnt her lesson 🙂

G – Glad you gave this book a chance. This would be Sands by Kevin Neilsen. I absolutely have fallen in love with this series and recommend it whenever I get the chance. On the outset it was not something I would have usually picked but I was asked to review it for Future House Publishing when I became and Alpha Reader.

H – Hidden gem. I think I need to reference the book mentioned again. It really is fantastic!

I – Important moment in your reading life. I have always loved books it was however the moment that I was approached By Future House Publishing that was my most important moment. It made me realise that I could actually make a full-time career ut of doing what I love most, reading books.

J- Just Finished. ACOMAF…I don’t want to say to much about this as I have a review and a half of this book planned but yes, wow..

K – Kinds of books you won’t read. I am afraid I just don’t really do historical books. I have read one book set in the Victorian era which was good but I generally won’t pick them up unless specifically asked to.

L – Longest book you’ve read. Beautiful Creatures I think would be the longest book I have read, it at least felt like the longest book even though I enjoyed it, it did take some getting through.

M – Major book hangover. Crooked Kingdom, I am still reeling over the ending of this. Poor Matthias.

N – Number of bookcases you own. Urm..I own 1 bookcase however every surface in my house is a shelf hehe 😀

O – One book you’ve read multiple times. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I read this every winter.

P – Preferred place to read. I like to be snuggled up with my foxy blanket and cup of tea in my fav chair in the main room next to the lamp during the winter and cold seasons. During summer I love to read at The Priory where I volunteer.

Q – Quotes that inspire you. I get inspired by many quotes I read in books however there are a few that have stuck with me.

”Life is a moment. There is no hereafter. So make it burn always with the hardest flame”. This is a quote by Oscar Wilde from Dorian Gray. I love this so much I have it tattooed down my arm.

”It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live”. This is a quote from Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter.

”To the stars that listened…and the dreams that answered”. This is from Feyre and Rhysand in A Court of Mist and Fury.

R – Reading regrets. I can honestly say I have not regretted any book I have read.

S – Series started and not yet finished. Welll… we could be here a while lol. Throne of Glass, Mrs Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Beautiful Creatures, Snow Like Ashes, Stealing Snow are the few I can think of but there are probably more.

T – Three of your all time favourite books. This really should say ten then it maybe easier. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Crooked Kingdom.

U – unapologetic fangirl for. Six of Crows Duology. I won’t apologise, not at all. These are my jam!

V – Very excited for this release. A Court of Wings and Ruin. I literally get goosebumps thinking about this coming in May.

W – Worst bookish habit. I am a spine cracker. When I read paperbacks I do tend to try to flatten them so they are easier to read, especially the thick ones. I know…I’m bad.

X – X Marks the spot: Start at the left and pick the 27th Book on your shelf. Deadpool Classic Volume 8…lol

Y – Your latest book purchase. I just bought Wintersong and The Girl of Ink and Stars

Z – Zzzz-snatcher (book that last kept you up late). ACOMAF..I blame Rhysand.

I really enjoyed taking part in this. If you would like to read the post by Wonderfullybookish you can do here and you can find the original A-Z book Survey here on Perpetual Page Turner

I tag Debbie at My Chaotically Eclectic Life and Natalie at Bestotted By Books

Thanks for reading and please if you also do a A-Z Book Survey let me know I would love to have a read.

The Stationery Geekette x




Small Business Spotlight: Little Dragon Jewellery


Hey Everyone.

Well I have a bit of a change to my schedule. Every Tuesday I will now be posting what is referred to as Small Business Spotlight. In this post I will feature Etsy shops and other small businesses. It will highlight what they sell and introduce you to the face behind the wonderful stores.

This week we have the beautiful Fiona Littlewood from Little Dragon Jewellery.

I’m Fiona!
I’ve been married for 10 years, have two kids (a boy and a girl) and am moving house in the next few weeks!
I trained as a florist and worked in the trade for over 15 years, one of my favourite things to do were the bespoke funeral tributes I made a Harley Davidson from flowers for a bikers funeral once. I also really enjoyed doing small-scale wire work for weddings.
I started the business after I had the kids and was on maternity leave as we moved 100 miles, leaving me with no job to go back to!

I make jewellery, planner goods and crochet/knitting notions. Mainly from polymer clay and wire. Every item is made by hand, by me. I love making creatures. I think my unicorns have probably been the best sellers in the last two years, but my ultimate favourite are the dragons. Any size, any colour, any item can have a dragon.

My shop is named after the year I was born! It was the chinese year of the dragon, but several family members had also been born in previous dragon years making me the Little Dragon.
My shop logo was designed by a lovely graphic artist who used a dragon necklace I had made as the basis for it, I still have the necklace as I never listed it for sale after the initial drawings!
I currently use a Websters pages in caramel for my daily planner this has everybody’s work/school schedule (shifts, trips, clubs etc) on the monthly pages and the week to view has checklists for daily reminders and to do notes. The inserts were made by Kirsty at Just so and they are wonderful! I think I may have planning peace in this one!

My business planner is a Pear Saffino. It was my second ever Filofax and it is sooooo beautiful! I use a diary in this one to block out my work week into times for making, networking and so on. I also have sections for ‘want to make’ ideas which seems to have become an endless list, business developement ideas, current orders, notions and creature club (two pre-order ‘clubs that I run through my Etsy shop, I name a theme and people purchase the items before I make them. I can offer a discount on these items as making more at the same time makes it more time efficient) and a running stock list. Its my business brain!

I have found since having the kids that I’ve usually got so much going on that if I don’t write it down, I will probably forget about it. The act of writing it sets it in my memory, which is why having a planner works so much better than the electronic equivalent for me.

I don’t really have a unicorn planner, I’m really happy with the planners I have. I would love to try a TN of some description Uglydori’s are amazing, and a couple of the other leather makers I’ve seen have been beautiful. I currently also use a Lyradori for all things ‘house’ (we’re moving soon, so it’s got packing lists and new colour schemes in, amongst other things) and I have a purple Filofax Flex that I’ve modified with elastic that I use for tracking crochet projects and my yarn stash.
You can find me all over social media now. I started out on twitter and gradually added others. Now I tend to use twitter the least, and Facebook and Instagram the most,

Thanks for reading and tune in next week for the next Small Business Spotlight.

The Stationer Geekette x

Planner Girls Collective: My Current Planner Set-Up


Hey Everyone. For today’s Planner Girls Collective post we are all showing our current planner set-up. Now for me this is a temporary set-up.

I am waiting for some inserts and dividers to set up my Sandringham planner. I have been struggling with my planner set up lately. Everything seems to work for a month or two but inevitably it stops been effective and I have finally found the reason why.

I use inserts that are supplied in planners and they are not working, as a result I end up with 3 planners to track everything I need to track and then I never use any one of them effectively so I have had some custom inserts set up that allow me to track all parts of my business, blog and home life effectively.

Along with the Sandringham I will be using my Uglydori as a note taking, on the go, bit of everything planner and my Filofax notebook to draft blog posts.

However, until that is set up how I need I am using; My Domino soft for blog planning, my Sandringham for course info and notes, my Filofax notebook as my blog notebook and my Uglydori for everything else.

I am sure the other girls are probably far more organised than I am at the moment 🙂

For a look at their set up please visit the links below.

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Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


Book Tour: The Place That Never Existed by Jim Ody

Hey Everyone, 

Today I bring you a review of The Place That Never Existed by Jim Ody. 


I quite enjoyed reading this book. There was an air of mystery surrounding the story that for me didn’t come to light until the very end.

The book wasn’t predictable, possibly because of the array of characters that were introduced with underlying stories also going on.

I would highly recommend The Place That Never Existed if you like thriller or mystery novels.

You can purchase the book on Amazon UK

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 

*Last Chance* Faiytale Book Box

Hey Everyone, 

Today is the last chance to grab yourselves a copy of the Fairytale book box (shipped 1st-6th April).

To purchase a box click here to be taken to the Etsy store.

For more info you can check out previous posts on this blog or voa the Facebook group here

If you’re unsure if this month’s box is for you we have a spoilers group where you can see items and book titles prior to purchasing – Click here

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 

Book Tour: Ashael Rising by Shona Kinsella

Tour banner ASHAEL for JENNY

Hey Everyone.

Today I bring you a book tour for Ashael Rising by Shona Kinsella.


Ashael is a hunter-gatherer woman, apprenticed to Bhearra, the healer and spiritual leader of their tribe. The Zanthar are invaders from another world who extend their own lives by stealing the life-force of everything around them. They were last seen on KalaDene 200 years ago. They have returned, looking for The Vessel, a being prophesied to hold the life-force of the land. Iwan is a slave to the Zanthar, descendant of those taken as slaves the last time the Zanthar visited this world. He is sent out as a spy, while his mother is held hostage to ensure his compliance. When Ashael meets Iwan in the forest, neither realise that she is the one the Zanthar are looking for. The fate of KalaDene and all of its people rests on her shoulders.


I really really really really and really enjoyed this book. I loved everything about it. The characters, the world setting, the good/evil divide, just everything.

Ashael is the lead protagonist and we see the majority of the story through her eyes. Ashael is a character that I could instantly take too, she wasn’t over stated or understated and has strength right from the beginning which continues to grow and flourish throughout the book.

There are also aspects of the story told through the eyes of other characters, every single one telling their own version of events which make them hard to dislike.

Even the characters of Meegrum are good to hate and feed into their role perfectly.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It has action, adventure, magic, hate, love, despair and everything else you could possibly want.

To get a copy of this amazing book for yourself you can purchase it here on Amazon UK

Thanks for reading

The Stationery Geekette x

Planner Girls Collective: Top Gifts for Crafty Mumma’s

Hey Everyone.

Since Mother’s Day is fastly approching we thought that a Top Gifts for Crafty Mumma’s would be highly appropriate.

So let’s tuck into my Top 10 List.

  1. Cosmo Cricket Art Books – These are brilliant and an excellent price £2.50 for the pair. Available from Hobbycraft.
  2. Derwent Double Ended Watercolour Pencils – A lot less messy and easier to transport that watercolour paints.
  3. Subcription Boxes – I particularly love Mrs Brimbles LittleRainbowMoon , Royal Planner
  4. Washi Tape – One of my favourite stores for washi tape is Collecting Life.
  5. Tags – Yes, I mean gift tags. They made seem like an odd choice but I love to use them in my journals. You can find a wide selection here on Etsy.

To see the other ladies lists that are taking part please click the links below.

Kerry May Makes

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Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x