TSG Bookclub Box: What’s It About?

The aim of this post is to inform you what the TSG Bookclub Box is and why it is!

The Why!

I’ve always loved reading,  ever since I was a child I adored the fact I could tuck myself away into another world.

I also love bookish goodies and surprises. I know there are other book boxes out there but I wanted to do something that would appeal more to a lower budget and that was a little more unique. Now don’t get me wrong I love the other boxes and have subscribed them previously but when money got tight I wished there was something out there that was more within my budget. This is when TSG Bookclub was born.

So what is it? 

TSG is a monthly book box. There are different boxes you can order that range from £10 to £22. I will list the types of box available;

Standard Box – £15 – contains a paperback version and a minimum of 3 items.

Kindle version – £15, this comes exactly the same as the standard box but with a kindle voucher instead for those who prefer an E-Reader. In the event that the book is cheaper than the paperback the value of the box will be made up with extra items.

Deluxe Version – £22, this comes the same as the standard box however there will be EITHER a hardback version of the book OR extra goodies (minimum of 5).

One the 2nd of each month I will issue invoices to those have signed up. This will require payment before the 13th of the month. You can cancel your subscription anytime between the 14th and 1st of each month and I will not issue an invoice. You can request to restart your subscription at any time and will be added to the next available box subscription.

If you would like to purchase a subscription or one-off box you can do so by contacting me via my Facebook group or replying to the corresponding album.

For more information you can contact me via;

TSG on Facebook

TSG on Twitter 

TSG on Instagram 

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


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