TSG: Bookclub Box August Unveiling 

The day has finally arrived for me to unveil the contents of the first Stationery Geekette Bookclub Box. 

I was so excited to put all this together. Finalising the Subscriber Houses, Monthly challenge details and all the actual items.

I sourced special ribbon just to tie up the challenge sheet and spent what felt like hours sealing all the letters with a wax seal.

I’m proud of my little box coming together and incredibly thankful to those who handcrafted and worked away creating the most gorgeous things to be included.  

So lets look at the contents;

The Book: Alice by Christina Henry

Stickers: UglyBugDoes 

Bookmark: Quirkyartshere

Postcard: Sushistudios

Charm: Alymarinacraft

Also included was a pen and some ephemera. 

The response to the first box has been really really good. The book also seems to have been a hit.

Here are some of the reviews about the box


My Chaotically Eclectic Life

Kirstyanne Ross


UglyBugDoes Video Review and Unboxing 

Thank you very much for purchasing the box. 

For anyone who wants to have a look. The next pre-order release will be on 1st September in my store here

The Stationery Geekette x


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