My Handbag Planner

A little while ago I bought the Nordic Nights personal planner from Paperchase. 

I didn’t have a purpose for it and have struggled to find one since.

I did have it as a kind of notebook planner to pop in my bag but still didn’t utilise it’s use.

However I now have! 

While it still will be in effect a type of notebook, it is now a sectioned notebook.

I have put in sections relevant to all myat home planners so things will stay organised when I jot them down before transfer them to there proper planner.

So the sections I have are:

* Diary

* TSGBB (Business)

* Blog

* Follow Up

* Notes

* Fall

* Winter

Most sections pretty much self explanatory. I have one for my blog, business, diary, follow-up and notes.

Under the Fall section I will put my autumn bucket lost, crafts, films, baking etc.

Under Winter I will have the same elements as Fall with an additional part for Christmas presents, cards and budgets.

I’m really happy with it now. It’s handy and functional and I am hoping it will be of more use.

I love the design and given the Impending change of season makes me want to use it even more.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


5 thoughts on “My Handbag Planner

  1. I bought that planner too without a purpose for it! I couldn’t help myself, it was on sale! xD I also have that Marauder’s Map dashboard – well, I got it for my sister and her planner which I set up for her.


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