6 Months To Change My Life

I have been part of a Facebook group known as UK Planner Addicts (UKPA) for some time now. It’s an amazing group full of beautiful,  intelligent and amazing women (mostly, there is the occasional man there too). The group has off shoot groups for all other aspects of life such as fitness, beauty etc.
A couple of months ago one of the lovely admin Stephanie set up a group called 6 Months To Change Your Life. The aim of this group was to support each other, bolster motivation and give advice to others looking to make a concerted effort to make huge life changes within a 6 month period.


I joined straight away as this speaks to me so much. I am constantly trying to make changes, aspire to my dreams and tick off my goals as I want a different life for myself and my family.

Upon joining the group I looked at my life goals and where I wanted to be in 6 months time. Not all of my life goals are achievable within this time but I can make inroads towards them.

I picked all the goals off my list that I thought I could get through by challenging myself over the 6mths.

This was my final list.

To move, somewhere cheaper and smaller.

Loose 2 stone
Drink more water
Eat more fruit and veg

Increase pace
More varied excercise

Save on bills
Rework debt plans

Mind and Soul
Silent time
Read more
Put myself first more
Look after myself better (hair, nails etc)

Arrange more meet ups
Write to penpals promptly
Make more effort with family

Free Online courses
Enrol on TA course in August

So that’s everything. I’ve managed to knock a few of these off the list already. I’ve been breaking them down month by month and as some get ticked off I add more.

Another little task that was posted in the group by Stephanie was to work out your 3 core values. To look deep within to find what was most important.
This I found difficult as the list was huge. I managed to get it down to 3 as the words I picked encompassed others that I wanted to choose.

My 3 core values are:

So this is my pledge….

I intend to make changes and work towards my life goals, seeking to improve my life and the lives of my children.
Between the dates of March 14th and September 14th I will work harder than before to challenge myself to actively make these changes. To achieve the life of my dreams I must work for it.

I will keep myself accountable by posting monthly updates of what I have achieved, what I plan for the next month and where I’ve let myself down (hopefully this won’t ever appear!).

I’d love to hear from anyone else taking part in this challenge or one similar. How are you finding it? What are your goals?
For those who are not doing something like this maybe you could challenge yourself to make changes towards your life goals.

Thank you for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x


Uglybugdoes Review

A friend of mine Michelle who I met via UKPA (UK Planner Addicts) Facebook group has recently updated and started running two online shops.
One of those is for planner pretties such as stickers, charms, paperclips, dividers etc.
I was approached by Michelle who asked if she could send me some samples of her work to review.
I had no qualms about doing this and Michelle knew I would review them honestly.

*Disclaimer*Just before I get started I want to say that my friendship with Michelle and the fact these items were sent to me free of charge will not have any impact upon my review of the items sent. I will give my honest and unbiased opinions on the products supplied.

When my little package arrived off Michelle I was blown away at what she had sent me, there were so many items. I’d expected there to be maybe 2-3 of them but there was actually many more.


Planner Charms
The first charm which I am reviewing is the tassle charm. This is my favourite of all the products I received. Not only is it pretty but it matches my blog planner amazingly well. The quality is really good. It doesn’t feel like it will snap or break off in my bag or when handled. The silver chain is the perfect hanging length without been too long or short. The ampersand symbol is cut beautifully and the sparkle is very subtle. These symbols are exclusively supplied to Michelle.
I would really recommend these to people and there are many colours to pick from. I will most certainly be purchasing some in the future.

Secondly we have the mini planner charm. This is absolutely adorable. The colour is incredibly pretty. The detail on it is second-to-non. The pages within the planner look like actual pages and there is a little golden button on the fastening.
Michelle made these herself with polymere clay and can be custom made with whatever colour you require.
The chain fastening is very secure and long so hangs lovely from the middle of the spine to come out of the bottom. Again my collection of these will undoubtedly grow.

The last of the charms is the ‘delicious’ cake charm. Now I’ll admit cakes and the likes are not really my thing but this is so well made it is hard not to see the appeal. The cake is customisable with colours and has a cute bit of detailing with the cream on the top. This charm came with a shorter silver chain which still fits the planner well.
My 9 year old daughter also endorses this charm as she quickly swiped it to put on her planner.


The next of my reviews is the paperclips.
I’m not really a big paperclip fan but I do like the odd pretty popping up in my planner.

First off let’s look at my name… Yes that’s right, I have my name in a pink sparkle of loveliness.
I adore this paperclip. It is my colour, font and size. And fits so nice in my blog planner. My only worry with this is that the card is a bit thin and it does give a bit so I’m not sure it would be hardwearing as an actively used paperclip or one popping out of a planner. Aside from that it is absolutely perfect.

Next is the Planner Geek paperclip. This again is gorgeous. The colour and font is divine and the size is good. This is made slightly differently with foam backing and much more hardwearing than the Emma clip.
As with all of the paperclips Michelle has a variety of colours and sizes.

The last is the cute cupcake. It has a 3D effect and is so well made, with cute detailing on the eyes and cream swirls. My daughter has claimed this for herself!


I love the stickers I was sent. The emojis in particular.  The size of them all fit perfectly for a personal planner and are very well made. I’ve even ordered more designs.


I have to say that Michelle is amazing to work with if you require anything,  she is happy to make custom orders, colours and designs on all her items and she makes other amazing craft things too.

For details of how to get in touch or purchase some of these beauties for yourself the details are below

Ugly Bug Does Blog
Ugly Bug Plans Facebook
Ugly Bug Crafts Facebook
Ugly Bug Etsy

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

Picks Of The Week #1

Happy Sunday and welcome to my first edition of Picks Of The Week.

I will be posting this segment every Sunday after reviewing other blogs.
The blogs will vary in content and topic and are not restricted.

If you would like to be monitored for this please send an email to Thestationerygeekette@yahoo.com
Or alternatively leave a comment with a link to your blog below:)

1) http://www.callierose.co.uk/2016/04/lifestyle-why-i-started-decorative.html?m=1 Callie Rose

2) http://ourrachblogs.com/2016/04/auf-wiedersehen-guilt/ Our Rach Blogs

3) http://www.strangecharmed.com/personal-development/25-ways-to-be-charming/ Strange & Charmed

4) http://www.abusybeeslife.com/never-worry-about-what-you-cannot-control/ A Busy Bee’s Life

5) http://midwifeandlife.com/home/spring-inspiration-kids-bedrooms/ Midwife and Life

6) https://27ish.net/2016/04/21/the-art-of-being-lazy/ 27ish.net

7) https://soggymusings.wordpress.com/2016/04/19/lsb-workspace-2/ Soggy Musings

8) https://zoeplans.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/updated-planner-collection-2016/ Zoe Plans

9) http://www.distinguisheddiva.com/2016/04/blush-pretty-pink-for-spring-american.html?m=1 Distinguished Diva

10) http://www.girllovesaplan.com/2016/04/oh-yeah-wait-minute-mr-postman.html?m=1 Girl Loves A Plan

Obviously I would love to link all the posts I enjoyed reading but that would be quite a comprehensive list so I have picked my top 10.

I don’t really watch many YouTube Vlogs as I rarely get the chance but I wanted to try and include at least 1 top vlog a week.

1) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LWEncOOpCCc Uglybugdoes

Thanks for reading

The Stationery Geekette x

My Blog Planner

I decided that I was going to focus and improve my blog more in 2016. To do this I knew I would need to implement a routine and for that I would need a planner. Originally I was using the large Ocean Kikki.K, however my wonderful partner bought me the beautiful Wellness planner for my birthday this month.

When the planner arrived I took out the inserts and put them into the Ocean planner and set about making my new one perfect. I really wanted something that was cute and pretty as well as functional. I love the Grey of the Wellness planner, I feel this looks more professional and contrasts the fun mint green on the inside. I don’t usually bother much with internal pocket prettiness, mainly because my Malden is hard to cater for with them been vertically challenged.


However the Wellness planner pockets are a great size and location for me to do things with. In the top pocket I have a mini notebook for any notes I need to quickly jot down. This was from Wilkos and has a cute heart design. I also have my name paper-clip just behind so it pops up above the notebook, I love the colour of the clip and it fits perfectly with the colour scheme. It was made for me by Michelle at Uglybugplans. Just below the notebook I have a Planner Nerd paper-clip which was made by Cherryblossomsinthemarketsquare and then in the bottom I just have a little butterfly from the Kikki.K dashboard set. My first page is a drawing done for me from one of the ladies in UKPA and a journalling card from the Kikki.K dashboard set.


My first section is my calender. This is where I plot out my blog posts for the weeks ahead and make any notes of posts I may like to squeeze in.


I also have my Kikki.K stickers and a little wallet in this section where I keep washi sample sheets and other little bits.



After this I have my Ideas section. This for all my blog post ideas, things I want to look into to, research, brainstorms etc.


My next section is for Planning. This is where I draft all my posts and write down what I want my post to look like, and sound like.


Next is my stats section. This is where I list my monthly statistics so I can track how things improve or decline, what maybe popular and what isn’t.


My next section is to record all books I read that I may want to review. I use the Book inserts from the Kikki.K for this.



Next is my To-Do section. This is pretty self explanatory. I keep all the things I would like to get done with my blog and tasks for blog posts.


Finally, to set it all off I have this gorgeous little charm from UglyBugPlans 🙂


So there it it. I have ordered some weekly inserts from Just So Stationery which I plan to use in my Calender section too.

Thanks for reading:)

The Stationery Geekette x


Mini Planner Meet Up

Myself and another planner lady Michelle organised a little planner meet up. We plan on organising a larger one to give people more notice and at a better venue.

Due to the short notice only 3 of us managed to make it but it was still great fun.

We met at Costa Coffee in Teesside Retail Park.

We chatted, had drinks, food and discussed the all important planners. We all had a look at each others planners and admired planner styles. It was nice to see the A5 Malden, Yellow Kikki.K and Carpe Diem planners in action as I’d only ever seen photo’s previously.

Of course no planner addict could resist the pull of stationery shops when at a retail park. It was my first ever visit to a Hobbycraft and a proper Paperchase (my closest one is a tiny franchise). I managed to control myself and not buy every single washi tape in there. I did pick up a few bits and bobs for myself and my daughters birthday.

The day wouldn’t be complete without pictures of our planners, gorgeous planner peeps and pretty purchases:)









I’ll be sure to announce when we arrange the big North-East meet!

Thanks for reading

The Stationery Geekette x

Planning A House Move – Tips and Tricks

I recently moved house, by recently I mean the last week. Been the super organised geek I am I tried to have everything organised. There were a few moments that were a little chaotic but those mostly were down to moving with a toddler.

I thought I would write a little guide of tips and tricks for moving. Things which I almost forgot and may not jump straight into the mind of those who are busy with a prospective move.

I thought I would start at the very beginning with tips for looking around houses.

First of all be honest with yourself and with your partner (if applicable). What are you both willing to live with and without, how much do you want to decorate, what specifically do you want?

Questions to ask the letting company/ landlord/lady:

  1. What type of Gas, Electric and Water meter does the property have?
  2. How much is the rent and bond?
  3. What TV/broadband does the property receive?
  4. Does the property have a digital ariel?
  5. Are tenants able to decorate the property?
  6. What are the neighbours like?
  7. When was the last Gas Safety Inspection?

*Don’t forget to check for evidence of mould on the walls, ceilings and floors*

There are also things which maybe of value to research before deciding on a location such as local shops, schools and things to do. Facebook is a great place to look for removal company too. We got a great deal with ours and he was absolutely fantastic and cheap.

Once you have applied and been successful in your application for a property there is then a list of things which need to be considered.

Things to do – not just packing but other things to prepare for the move. Cleaning of the old and new property, any repairs and meter readings from both properties.

It might be handy to take note of room sizes and window dimensions too.

When packing your belongs my advice would be to label all bags and boxes with contents and location it belongs. For example I had Kitchen boxes labelled with their belongings and also whether they were essential and non-essential so I knew what needed unpacking first. Colour coding could also be very useful too.

When dismantling furniture I used sandwich bags for the screws, labelled the bag and put all the bags in a shoe box which I had ready and out all the time.

I also had a last-minute pack checklist. This was primarily things which I needed with me to go to the new house asap. Items such as clothes for the next day, deodorant, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, kettle, tea, coffee, sugar etc.

I had a few cool bags (massive supermarket ones) ready to transport the freezer and fridge contents asap too.

Last and not least the call list. When moving there are many people who will need an update of address. Some of these include :

Council tax



TV licence


Mobile phone company

TV/broadband company

Credit card company

Any benefit offices

Any other places which are relevant such as Amazon, EBay, Etsy etc

And the most important – The Bank.

Moving is stressful and all we can do is be prepared. I hope that my list of tips and advice will come in helpful for anyone planning a move:)

Sections I had in my planner:

*Important Info -Dates, Contact Numbers, Reference Numbers etc

*Room Dimensions

*Things to pack by Room

*People/Companies to Call

*Things to Remember

*Things to Buy

*Last Minute Pack List


Thanks for reading

The Stationery Geekette x



Time Management Techniques

The Pomodoro Technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980’s.

The technique is to use a timer to break down work/tasks into intervals. Each interval lasts 25 minutes which is then followed by a small 5 minute break. The interval is known as a Pomodoro which is Italian for tomato and represents segments.
Once you have completed 4 Pomodoro’s you then take a longer break of around 15-30 minutes before starting again.

The method is based on the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility.

The underlying principles are:
1) Decide on a task
2) Set the timer for 25 minutes.
3) Work on the task until the timer goes off.
4) Put a check mark on a piece of paper.
5) Reset the timer and repeat 3 more times.
6) After the 4th Pomodoro take a longer break.
7) Start again.

The fundamental concepts are:

Planning > Tracking > Recording > Visualizing.

I have been using this method for a couple of weeks now and it seems to be highly effective at getting things done. 

For tasks which require more lengthy processing time or at those times when motivation and energy is high I also use another method known as Time-boxing.

This is when you allocate a fixed time period called a time-box to a planned activity. An example of this was when I was unpacking my bedroom wardrobe contents this week. I allocated myself 1.5 hours to get it all done.

If you are like me and have some form of planner with you at all times it is handy to write down your tasks and think about how long it will take to complete them. I always add an extra 5-10 mins just in case. I then work through the list starting with either the longest or most dreaded of tasks (for me that is sorting out all the laundry on Sunday’s). I separate them into Pomodoro’s and Time-Boxes.


Do any of you use a time management technique? If so which?

Thanks for reading

The Stationery Geekette x


Positivity In My Planner

I have a section in my planner dedicated to Inspiration. Part of that is everything to do with keeping me positive.

To start with I have my gratitude wheel. I have this at the front as It is my go to thing when I need a bit of a nudge in the right direction and I am feeling sorry for myself.


After this I have my Mission Statement. This is my mission to myself for 2016.


Next I have a list of Affirmations. I need to add some quotes to this too as I currently have them all set up in my Leuchtturm.


I then have my top list for remaining positive. Suffering from depression means that some days are really bad days and it takes a bit more to pull myself up. I like having this list as a quick go to for ideas to try.DSC_0019

Finally I have my life goals map. This is to remind me of the things I want in life. Been positive is a must If I want to achieve even a fraction of these things. It’s always good to remind myself what it is I want and what I have to keep fighting for. This is my purpose!


I am sure this part of my planner will continue to evolve as I find things that give me inspiration and keep my outlook on the up.

Do you have a journal or section dedicated to positivity and/or inspiration?

Thanks for reading

The Stationery Geekette x


10 Tips For Positive Thinking



There are many different ways in which people remain positive and they may differ from person to person. These tips are things which I have found help me personally and I am hoping that they may help you even if it is with just one little tip.

  1. Wake Up To Positivity.

When you get up on a morning do something that makes you happy. A happy mindset is a positive one. It is the best way to approach the day ahead. For me this is having a cuppa and organising the day ahead in my planner.

2. Be Grateful

Write down what you are grateful for and keep revisiting the list. If life is feeling overwhelming or taking a negative turn remembering what you are grateful for helps to remind you that life is not as bad as it feels.

3. Affirmations and Quotes

Tell yourself how awesome you are and what you can achieve. Affirmations strengthen your core belief and are great for your mind and soul. Quotes can restore inspiration and motivation.

4. Remove Yourself

If you are in a negative situation take yourself out of it for a breather. Even if it is into another room for 5 minutes it can help restore calm and balance. I often got for a walk to disperse the negative energy.

5. Visualisation

Visualisation of your desired outcome, life or job. Imagining what you are striving for helps create the determination you need to succeed.

6. Positive People

Surround yourself with positive like-minded people. Negative people have a way of bringing those around them down to their level. Positive people help spur on motivation.

7. Write It Down

If you write down your concerns it instantly makes a difference. Things feel much better when it is all out there, as the old saying goes “A problem shared is a problem halved”.

8. Pace Yourself

Don’t rush yourself, pacing yourself means you are less likely to make mistakes.

9. Change Your Approach

When faced with a negative thought or situation change how you approach it. Ask HOW you can move forward and what it will achieve.

10. Repeat If Necessary

Try, try and try again. Perseverance is key. If you fail the first time get up and get back on it. Every fail creates strength. We naturally learn from our mistakes. Knowing WHAT NOT to do is one step further to knowing WHAT to do.

Thank you for reading:)

The Stationery Geekette x

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