Get Your Spring Clean On…


It is that time of year where the majority of us want to Spring clean. The sun is shining more, the day is brighter, warmer and we feel stale!

I love a good clean. It feels so good to be in a house completely dust free and fresh.

This year I am moving on April 1st so my Spring clean came in the way of packing and de-cluttering. However I usually have a check-list which I go through in order to bring my house into the new year.

I had intended to provide you a printable my lack of time to figure out how to add it meant that it will just be some photos of my planner and handwritten check-list.

Once I have moved I will look into adding a printable for you.

So for now here are the things I have on my check-list.

Apologies for the darkish pics, my paper is yellow and doesn’t photograph well.



Thank you for reading:)

The Stationery Geekette x

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