How to Send and Receive Kindle Content

I use my kindle a fair bit even though I prefer a book in my hand, I cannot doubt the ease of the Kindle app, the price of the books are always cheaper too.
Many of my friends also have the Kindle app and we share books.

Lots of people do not know how to set your Kindle to receive these files so I’m going to direct how with pictures too:)


First of all you need to access your Amazon account. You can do this via your phone by scrolling down to the Full Site link as seen below.


Once you have done that access you account and scroll down to Digital content and select Manage Your Content and Devices.


Once the new window open select settings from the small right hand menu.


A new page will open and you need to scroll down to Approved Personal Document E-Mail List and select add a new approved email address. This is where you enter the email address of the person wishing to send you books.


Now that is all set up you just need to give them your kindle address which can be found just above the Approved Email List.


Once they send you books these will be automatically added to your library and you will just need to select them to download onto the device you use.


Sending a book Is quite easy.
Just Google Amazon Cloud Login and it will bring up various options, pick the one you want and a window should open like this.


Log into your cloud and some folders may appear (may just list all books).


Open My Send-To-Kindle Docs folder and all books should be listed.


Here you can select the book you wish to send, click the share link and select email. Then send to the Kindle address you’ve been given.

Hopefully now you should be able to send and receive books!


The Stationery Geekette x


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