Pretty Sticky Suppliers!

Here in the UK finding suppliers for all the pretty stickers and washi can be quite a task.

We don’t have shops such as Target and Hema readily available so the majority of us rely on Etsy stores and shops we have here.

Now I will openly admit when it comes to stickers and washi I have some issues controlling myself. I am now sitting at well over 200 washi and 3 folders of stickers and those are bursting! These are my favourite ways to jazz up my planners.

Below I will list all my favourite go to places within the UK for these kinds of items.
Some will be stores found on your local High Street but most will be online.

So to start with I’m going to delve into sticker suppliers (Links to the shop when clicking on the name).

1) The Plump Planner
2) The Geeky Planner
3) Pink Hedgehog Pretties
4) Handcrafted By Sheree
5) The Idea Owl
6) Paperchase
7) WHSmith
8) The Works
9) Stickers Of London
10) OddlemaDoodle
11) Mrs Brimbles

Now let’s move on to Washi
1) The Lovely Desk
2) The Idea Owl
3) Mrs Brimble
4) Paperchase
5) The Works
6) Washi UK (Fb Group )

There are a few other suppliers but I have yet to purchase from them, they should be good to have a look in if you get the chance.

Now I have shared these with you, hopefully I won’t be sitting alone in my sticky heaven therapy sessions which I quite clearly need!

Enjoy, Love and Create,

The Stationery Geekette x


On a Journey!

I have taken part in a few travelling traveler’s notebooks previously. People from elsewhere sending them to me so I can write in a few pages.

I had never heard of doing this until about two months ago and now I have two of my own on the go. One within the UK and one going global!

You may ask, what is it and how do I take part?

Well what happens is you take a notebook, usually field notes size and write in it. Once you have written in it you send it to someone and they write in it, and then they send it off to someone else. Eventually you get it back, full and complete and can read all the wonderful things people have said.

It’s a great way to get to know the people who you have a common interest with and find out about their lives.

Here is mine before it set off on it’s journey around the world. Unfortunately I didn’t take a pic of my UK based one.

And here is the first travelling Fn that I received.
This one has the theme of Movies:)

I am really looking forward in participating in more of these and then posting pictures of mine once it returns.

If you would like to take part in one of these feel free to let me know:)

The Stationery Geekette x

Monthly Challenge!

There are numerous monthly challenges around to take part in with your planner.

This month I am taking part in Ink & Wink’s Instagram #30DaysofPlanning challenge.


Ink & Wink’s IG can be found Here
And a link to their blog can be found Here.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #30DaysofPlanning if you decide to take part:)

Enjoy, Love and Create

The Stationery Geekette x