We Have A Winner

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend.

There have been 20 entries into the giveaway which I’m really happy about, for a little blog 20 feels like such a huge amount hehe:)

So first of all I picked a winner using random.org,


And (inserts drum roll…)
The winner is….
Zoeplans (@zoey_louisee)

Please email me at thestationerygeekette@yahoo.com to claim your prize!

Thank you for participating everyone and I only wish I had something for everyone:)

Here’s the goodies :))


Enjoy , Love and Create,

The Stationery Geekette x



Many of us planner addicts are part of a huge community on Facebook and Instagram and take part in planner swaps.

This is when two people from different places world wide swap planner goodies with each other.

It is a fantastic way of spreading the planner love, sending items to people who may not otherwise ever get their hands on some of the items they receive.

Been from the UK I am always on the lookout for swaps in other countries,  particularly in the U.S of A.

I recently took part in some swaps and on Saturday finally received my items.

The first swap was with a wonderful lady In Canada. I was amazed by what she had sent me. There were some Kate Spade paperclips, beautiful notebook, Heidi Swapp accessories, magnetic bookmarks, initialled notecards and some Disney washi rolls (Frozen, Disney Pricesses, Spiderman and Minnie Mouse). Not only that but I was also sent some Canada sweeties and crisps! I am really looking forward to trying those.



The 2nd parcel that arrived was from Texas in the U.S again I got lucky with another amazing lady. This also blew my mind. There was so much too it. So many items, Heidi Swapp accessories, skinny washi, sprinkle washi, expanding folder, sticky notes, dashboard dividers for both my Standard and field note TN’s, paperclips and about a million washi samples!


I would recommend taking part in swaps 100% I love all the items I was sent and probably would never have any of them without this. It is also really fun buying things for someone else, thinking about what they may like or what may excite them.

It can take a good few weeks for items to arrive over the distance but it is well worth the wait ūüôā

For those who maybe interested in participating in some swaps or want to get a better idea of how they work thw group Planner Swaps International on Facebook are a great group to join.

Enjoy and Have Fun,

The Stationery Geekette x

Studying with my Standard


Since having my baby in October I have been dying to get back into something which requires using some brain function other than mothering. I was in desperate need of some intellectual information.

While I was pregnant I studied a free course in Wrongful Convictions from Pennsylvania State University and I loved it.

The course is taken via Coursera which allow students to study online for a range of courses from various institutions around the globe and even better they are free. You can pay extra to get a recognised certificate of accomplishment after you finish otherwise you just get a Coursera certificate (not recognised by education establishments).

Well I went and had a browse of which courses were currently available and upcoming.

My career and education field is Law and Criminology and I managed to find an International Criminal Law Course through Case Western Reserve University which is the perfect sort of course I was looking for.

I have only just started but I am really enjoying the course so far and as it is online I can do it at my own pace.

I decided to use my ZLYC Embossed floppy TN to record all my notes in as the floppiness of the leather helps when doing some substantial writing.
I’ve now ran out of inserts so I will have to order some more.

Coursera is great, especially for those who need something to do or if perhaps you want to try other fields of study you have little knowledge of. I would recommend it to anyone!



I hope everyone is having a marvellous week!

The Stationery Geekette x

Sweet Planner Sunday

I Love Sunday!

Every Sunday I take out all my planner supplies and decorate the week ahead. Sometimes I have a theme and sometimes I just go with the flow like today.

My week is pretty bare this time around as I have the children all week and my time is often unplanned until the last minute.

I used multiple stickers and washi this time around.

This is my before picture;


I will list the sources of where I got some of my accessories from however many were in a RAK or purchased by myself and I cannot remember where.

My finished layout;


OK so the little squirrel and Badger and some page flags were stickers I purchased from PinkHedgehogpretties on Etsy, Julie makes adorable stickers.

The little books, Planner time page flags, WordPress icon,  household icons, Happy mail envelope and the bigger section pictures/quotes were all downloaded from a group on Facebook set up to offer free Mambi Printables, these were off various sheets.

The rainbows and others bits were stickers I purchased from Paperchase.

I am happy with how it looks and I have plenty of room to add more as my week progresses.
I would love to see your weekly set ups too so feel free to comment with pics/links to your blogs or I.G pages!

Happy Planning Everyone

The Stationery Geekette x

Give Away !

July and August have been very big months for myself. I moved away from blogging about my life (which I had failed to update on for about a year) and moved into blogging about my passion…stationery and all things planner related. I have always had a thing for stationery. When I was very young about 4 yrs old my Gran use to buy me things and I would cherish them and it has never gone away. It may have taken a back-burner while the inevitable ‘life’ got in the way but now this is what I have, this is mine. It is my way to de-stress, something I can call my own when my life is otherwise filled with baby nappies, making bottles and other general things us mothers have to worry about.
Nothing beats sitting down with a cuppa or other drink and getting all your washi’s, stickers and whatever else out and decorating your planner. Sunday evening is my Planner day and I LOVE it!

I also opened an Etsy shop to collaborate with a friend to sell the world budget quality Fauxdori’s (Traveler’s Notebooks). Etsy:TheStationeryGeekett

I have also seen a huge influx in my instagram followers and comments on my pictures.

I am really happy with how this is all progressing and as such I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me.

As such I am hosting a GIVE-AWAY which will run until the end of August. There will be many many things included in this. I have a box that I will be filling with all sorts of goodies over the next couple of weeks.

This is what is in the box so far. Bare in mind that it is not even half full and more pens, washi tapes, stickers and other goodies will be added to it before a lucky winner receives it.

This is a set of 3 Paris Notebooks in dot, graph and lined paper, 2 blank plain paper notebooks, large, medium and small binder clips, various paper clips, set of stamps and a scented pen and highlighter.

Now to be in with a chance of winning please do the following:

1) Follow me on I.G (please don’t follow to unfollow) @Fluttermouse
2) Put a comment on this blog post with your I.G name and tell me what your favourite planner/stationery accessory is.

*Open until 6pm 31st August 2015
*Open Internationally
*Winner will be selected randomly

Etsy Shop

A friend and I who met through a group have decided to co-venture into selling items via Etsy. My colleague is based in China and makes lovely Fauxdori’s and other leather journals and I set up an Etsy shop to sell these and be the face of the endeavour.

The shop only went live this week and we have sold one of the Fauxdori’s already.

Not only do you get the leather cover but a multitude of inserts, stickers, charms, bookmarks and other bits and bobs. These are extremely fantastic value for money. For those starting out everything you could possibly need is in the one package.

A link to the shop can be found Here –> TheStationeryGeekett

I hope that those of you are interested will make purchases with us and those who do purchase please drop us a review and let us know of the good and bad (if any) points to the items. As we are new feedback is extremely important.

I will be releasing discount codes randomly too, which you will find details of via my I.G: @Fluttermouse, Via Facebook groups or via my blog.

Thanks for reading!

The Stationery Geekette

Planner Time

Now I have finally hit a point where I am completely happy with my planner situation I have been spending time enjoying the wonders of using them.

I have had a funky divider wallet made for my Happy Planner which I can store all my stickers in. This was Made by the lovely LauraLizzy Cairns from a Facebook group I am part of.



I have also been busy writing to penpals and taking part in some Travelling Notebooks. The aim of this is to write in a book, send it off and have others write in it then once it is full it gets sent back to the owner. It is really nice to read about the people you may interact with in passing on groups of mutual interest.


I have started an online course in International Criminal Law. Law has always been my most favoured of subjects and I have been using the embossed std TN to write up all my notes. I have really enjoyed having some focus for my brain other than constant baby jumble ūüôā




I have bought 2 new pens as I had heard great things about them. I bought a Starry Black superfine point Cocoiro which has a tiny brush nib. I absolutely love this pen to write with. I also have a multicoloured Coleto pen with purple, dark blue, light blue and pink inks. This is also a really nice pen. I love them both for writing and doodling. Both can be seen in the pictures above.

I really feel like I do not need anything else now. I have a few things arriving over this next week, including a beautiful Red Filofax which I intended to set up as a Christmas planner so I can be extremely prepared!

I hope you are having as much fun with your planners too!

Enjoy, Love and Create,

The Stationery Geekette x

Adori..Definitely Made With Love!!

I am not sure where to even start with this review because I honestly feel like no matter what I write it will not convey enough how absolutely amazing these Adori’s (fauxdori) actually are.

Not only does the crafter Anja send and make these beautiful creations but she packs each and every single one with so much more. The packages in which they are sent are not merely a Traveler’s Notebook but also include so many more extras. The time and care put into each order is evident.

The first Adori I received was made from a stiff leather, beautiful in colour and smelt as all leather should…divine!
It arrived with a selection of extras, a canvas bag, 2 notebooks, a little wallet, charms, stickers, washi tape, spare elastics and some other little bits.
I knew once I had this I would get another from Anja, as her work is simply beautiful.20150727_215509




The second Adori I received was a RAK (random act of kindness) from Anja and this package honestly left me humbled.
Inside the huge box I received was not only a Adori for me, but one for each of my 2 children made in colours well suited to them both. There was again a selection of stickers, sticky notes, charms and pin badges.



The actual Adori which I received was completely and utterly beautiful. It was made with a vintage style roses fabric and included pockets on the inside of the covers.
This has become my ultimate and favourite TN. I adore how it feels to use and the amount of things I can stuff into it without any overhang is amazing! I can get 5 inserts (although I only have 4 in), a zipper wallet and card wallet in there. It just matches my personality completely.






Anja makes all her work so passionately and is excellent to work with for those who like a little customisation. I really cannot praise her enough, she is a truly amazingly lovely lady.
I would recommend anyone who is wanting a new TN /Fauxdori to purchase from Anja. The link to the website and shop is listed below.

Adori Made With Love

My Planner Life…

I am finally at a point where I have perfect planner peace (for now at least).

This is a post where I let you all delve into my world. I have numerous planners in all shapes and sizes which serve multiple purposes.

Some may feel it is a bit excessive and ask why I don’t just use the one but as a mother of 3 who has many interests it would be impossible to have it altogether and could you imagine the weight of carrying it all around daily!…no thanks, I’ll stick with more than the one.

The first I will show is my daily planner. This is a ring-bound a5 Paperchase yearly planner. It has divided sections for ease of use these are; Information, Agenda, Planner, Diary, A-Z, Finances, and Notes. I use the diary section and finance section primarily. This for my daily and weekly plans such as Dr appointments, meal planning, bill payments, events etc. This planner is the easiest to use as an everyday carry.




My next planner is a Create 365 Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas (Mambi) this is a disk-bound planner.
The layout and dividers in this planner are super pretty but it feels a little too flimsy in my opinion to carry about in a bag without getting damaged.
I use this to plan my blog posts, studies, events I am planning and to track orders I make and receive. The size of the boxes are great for getting down a little detail and the day is split into 3 sections for morning, afternoon and evening. This is a little bigger than a5 in size but is really lovely.



My next is the embossed fauxdori I have shown in a previous blog post review.
I have 2 inserts in this. One is a memory book which my children write me notes in and draw pictures. The other is for notes I make while I study that have key information I need to remember.



Insta photo editor1438432554093

Insta photo editor1438432757793

The next one is my Field Notes Urban Rainbow which has also been reviewed in a previous post.
I have 4 inserts and a little folder wallet in this one. I don’t use it often but it holds a lot of important information.
My first insert is a positivity journal which I use to reflect on when something is bothering me. It helps uplift my spirits. I also write in it when I am feeling grateful for something. My 2nd insert is for book reviews, my third is random notes and my 4th is for listing all TV series I watch and want to watch, movies I have seen, reviews and want to watch.







The next is my standard leather Adori (I have not reviewed this yet but it will be in an upcoming post).
I have 2 inserts in this. One is my creative writing insert and the other is for my #listersgottalist challenges.






Insta photo editor1438432868266

The next one is my favourite of them all and my newest. It is a fabric Adori. I have 4 inserts, a zipper wallet and card holder. The first insert is used as a journal. I don’t write in this every day but a few times a week or when it is necessary. I write about what I’ve been up too how I feel etc. and I also note things such as what I am currently reading, what was in the news that day and little doodles. My 2nd insert is All About Me, this includes my bucket lists, favourite things, important info, dreams, aspirations and anything else involving me on a deeper level. My next insert is for my doodles and geo-caching record and the final insert is blank as I like to keep a spare around in case it is needed.








So that summarises all of my planners. I love to be organised and I need this many to track aspects of my life as I have found since having the baby my mind easily forgets things and I like to record certain information for me to look back on.

I also have 3 other planners currently not in use although I am making one into a Christmas planner in the next few weeks. My spares are a red vintage non branded personal ring-bound planner, Heidi Swapp Memory Planner and a pocket size retro bloom Filofax.

I hope I have not bored you all with my babbling and you have enjoyed a sneak peek into my world of planners.

I have some more posts incoming over the next week including a review of my two Adori TNs, My favourite Things and details of a upcoming give-away in celebration of my new blog and hitting 100 IG followers!

Oh HappyPlanner!

Hello! and Yes…another planner post! I bet you are loving these aren’t you muwahaha!

Well. I received a Create 365 Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI for ease).

I am using this as a blog and study planner and to track my on-line orders.

I love the size of it and I have never used a disk bound planner before but I really like the concept.

The days are split into 3 sections, Morning, Afternoon and Evening. There is also a section to add notes for the week at the side of the page and each month also has a separate divider and a month on two page viewer as well.

I have had good fun decorating mine and using it for planning. Only having the purpose it does means it is not getting cluttered up with my day to day activity and other plans.

Having a small baby is quite a struggle when your brain is like mush and they need constant attention so finding a different use for  my variety of planners has been great. I may not use them on a day to day basis but they all have purpose. Once I receive my last TN I will have the perfect set-up for myself.

Here are a couple of pictures of my Happy Planner (for more pics see my instagram: @fluttermouse)


Front Cover